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Collegium of Art and Magic

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Ella's Hope Walkthrough pt.1
Ella's Hope Walkthrough pt.1
By: YaoiFangirl [More of my stuff]   (2010/6/6 16:16)
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           Okayz, so I've got some answers for those who are stuck on some things.
You can find the hidden entrance in the marsh when you go out of the village. It's those big bunch of rocks; they're shaped like an 'F', and when you click on the biggest one in the middle...well, you'll find out the rest.

Some answers to the frogs' riddles:
11 letter word: Incorrectly
lighting rumbles above me, thunder below me: volcano
A mage will never brake me: gold
I can travel the world and stay in the corner: stamp

Hey girls! (and guys, therefore lack of)
I'm working on a walkthrough for Ella's hope, and I want your opinion on the first part of it; here it is!
When the woman calls for Ella, walk out of the room and turn left; there you'll find the stairs. Go up them, then talk to the blond-haired woman. When she tells you to pick up a parcel, leave the inn and go down the steps outside. When you're in the town, go to the right and walk down the double stairs near the goat. Walk into the building marked 'Angel Gate Store'. Talk to the red-haired boy (Cal), and get the parcel from him. Head back to the inn and talk to Ernestine. She will tell you the letter is for the guest on the second floor. Walk up the stairs and give it the the woman in the first room.
After delivering the parcel, walk out of the inn and into town. Go to the left and collect the apple near the tree, then take the path left of Ella and down the steps. Pick up the stick. To equip the stick, press ESC to go to the menu and scroll down, then select 'equip', and select Ella. Click 'weapon' and select the stick, then press ESC to exit the menu. Right now, you should probably save your game; go to the menu and select save, then file 1. Exit the menu and go down the stairs, then go left and collect the apple. Next, go right again, and you'll run into a monster. Select attack and continue until you defeat it. Once you defeat the monster, walk up and collect the brown nuts.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/2/20 19:33  Updated: 2011/2/20 19:33
Joined: 2010/12/21
Gold: 10
 Re: Ella's Hope Walkthrough pt.1
Can anyone tell me how to beat the two guys on the north pass? What do I have to do. Please helpppppppp!

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/2/21 21:01  Updated: 2011/2/21 21:01
Joined: 2010/12/21
Gold: 10
 Re: Ella's Hope Walkthrough pt.1
Yeahhhhh, I beat them and I figured it out all by myself!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

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