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Chibby Therapist
Chibby Therapist
By: NightMelody [More of my stuff]   (2011/10/20 19:49)
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So I'm a lazy artist, so a friend of mine made me a challenge. I was supposed to make one drawing everyday of the past week, which was kinda hard for me because I am in college, I'm part of a marching band, and I was studying for my driver's exam. But I was able to accomplish the challenge (she accepted unfinished sketches).

Anyway, this is Friday's Drawing. A chibby therapist... I decided to practice my chibbies.

This is Te'ijal and Galahad's therapist, chibby mode! Actually... he's the therapist of most of my characters, even Aerongoth's gay necromancer son.

Therapist: I don't give him therapy. The kid just stalks me around whenever I'm there...

Who is the therapist?  Saying "The Therapist" sounds like a timelord taken out of Doctor Who XD. But he isn't, he's not even human. He just steals dead human bodies so he can desguise himself as a human so he won't:
a- be burned a a demon;
b- be hunted as a monster;
c- be annoyed for being a "god" or for any other reason;
d- be dragged to area 51 or used by any other facility of experimentation... like Umbrella.

Therapist: In Umbrella we trust. I'm still waiting for Lisa Trevor...

Tough luck, she's already dead.

Therapist: Awww... Can i at least keep the crossgender Tyrant?

*stares* Anyway... He's realy not fit to be a therapist because he is both mentally and emotionally unstable. He expresses tons of personality traits, he's on capital b**** mode half of the time, and he's a male, which makes his b**** mode even weirder. He likes mankind, he just doesn't care about it... And yet his job means he has to CARE about people's problems. Actually, most of his ocupations other than therapy involve him actually caring for mankind. Go figure him out.

Aaaah... he's so strange and complicated. He's supposed to be like that. Still, he's a good therapist, when he wants to, he's the best, sadly, he usually just doen't care enough to want to.

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