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Secrets and Mysteries
Secrets and Mysteries
By: rosealina180 [More of my stuff]   (2011/11/12 17:03)
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   Secrets and Mysteries part 1
   I sat down in my house reading my book.Today seemed calm when I heard shouting.I closed my book and went outside to see what was going on, all the villagers were shouting at Mystical,the enchantress of the town,saying she was a witch.I've known her ever since she was little,we were best friends!I know she would never do anything that would cause people to say she was a witch,or would she?She's been acting different lately,maybe she was keeping something from me.No,there wasn't anyway that she would.I ran over and told everyone to leave her alone and I would take her out of the village for a little bit,they agreed,but said to not bring her back,why?What'd she do?

Part 2
   When me and Mystical got into the forest I asked her,"Why was everyone shouting at you what did you do?"
  "I didn't do anything I..I don't know anything that happened!"
  "Mystical we're best friends you can tell me anything,I won't tell anyone so why don't you want to tell me this,I just want to help,why?"
  "Tayna honestly I don't know,or I don't understand let's just rest for a minute and let me think" Mystical said obviously not wanting to press the matters any longer.She smoothed out her pink dress and pink tights and sat down holding her spoon why she desired to carry it I didn't know.I smoothed out my white t-shirt and shorts and black jacket and my special blue ribbon,sat down and tapped my leg with my black gold tipped stick thingy,I honestly had no idea what is was.What is it Mystical was hiding I just don't know and why is she always carrying around that spoon?"Hey Mystical,why do you always carry that spoon?"
 "Um,why do you always wear that blue ribbon?"
 "Toshay,"I said feeling silly but then I yawned and felt sleepy all of a sudden why do I need to sleep?Before I could think I fell asleep.
     Part 3 Mystical's thoughts
  What is happening?Why'd Tayna fall asleep?Oh I just don't know!Is my magic going crazy or is someone doing this for their own entertainment?I wish I could tell Tayna but,but I just don't know what's going on,maybe I should think about something that could help me with anything,oh but I don't know,nothing makes sense also Tayna never takes naps so why is she taking one now?She's never sleepy.
     Part 4
   Yawn.Hmm,aah I'm having a strange flashback from before I came to town!There's these two women each wearing fancy dresses,I've learned that they are queens but not related and one is my mother.
  "She seems so peaceful..."
  "I know,she looks a lot like you Elizibeth..."
  "Thank you Samantha,how's prince Com..."
  "Hahaha!Hey mom!" a young boy says as he comes in.
  "Shhh Com...."
   The flashback's over,it always ends before I hear the rest of that boy's name.Huh?Why am I sleepy again I just took a....zzzzzzz.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/11/11 18:27  Updated: 2011/11/11 20:50
Joined: 2011/5/7
Gold: 9
 Re: Secrets and Mysteries
I hope you like my story I will be updating it once and a while you can also look for some characters from it on the art section.

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