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Re: Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Subject: Re: Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy
by daeva_agas on 2011/9/4 10:08:42

"pop goes the weasel everywhere"? That's why he's annoying? Well, you just have a different perspective. For YOU it's annoying. For me, and probably some others, it's him actually doing something right because he's actually doing something

1) You kinda have to go to places to achieve a goal. You know, NOT sitting down and do nothing but expect things to happen. If he doesn't appear, that kinda means he's NOT DOING ANYTHING USEFUL

2) How would YOU like it if chickens get to rule the world and we have to live in underground cities? This whole fiasco is the exact same thing. From a vampire's perspective, the whole enslavement thing makes perfect sense. That aside, Gyendal is EVIL. Enslaving humans is no big deal for him. You yourself admit that enslavement is so cruel, so why do you say that Gyendal is not evil enough?

3) Gyendal is not the only person who has that kind of eye shape. Why is it a big deal? It's like me having big problems with Mel's sorcerer robes because it's downright ugly.

Looks like your reason for disliking Gyendal is about the same as my reason for disliking Edward/Mel pairing: personal taste. Personal taste is not a valid argument. We can debate and state our points for all of eternity and not reach a conclusion.
Yay for defensive fangirl mode!

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