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Re: Dragon caves

Subject: Re: Dragon caves
by KTC on 2011/1/31 4:53:39

dang it, they're down again?! argh! I knew i should have moved them to photobucket >_<

right now i'm a bit busy. but try this from the masterguide:

*Fire Relic (Directions):*
1. From the road in Tar Vedron Desert, head south to the right of the steps leading into the oasis.
2. Bear south, then climb the steps to the northwest. Head immediately west and cross the bridge.
3. Head southwest, then bear west until you see some steps leading up. Climb them, then bear west. Enter the cave between the two stone columns.
4. Climb down the three sets of stairs, heading south. Follow the path as it curves around, then leave the room to the east.
5. Head east and climb the stairs up to the first platform. Cross the bridge to the east, then climb the stairs up to the next platform. Bear northwest and cross the bridge. Leave this room through the opening to the left of the stalagmite.
6. Take the western fork, then bear north. Cross the bridge to the east, then bear northeast. Continue on this path until you leave the room to the east.
7. Climb the second (the center) mountain until you see a shiny metal bridge to the east. Cross it, then cross the next bridge to the east to enter the dragon village.
8. In the dragon village, cross the bridge to the northeast and enter the cave between the two statues. Talk to the dragon king, Lehvus. Leave his cave and cross the bridge to the south. Enter the cave on the left and talk to the dragon historian. Return to the dragon king's cave and battle Lehvus for the Fire Relic.
Note: There is quite a bit of treasure in these caves, but this is the most direct route to Lehvus. If you want to explore, be sure to search all skeletons for treasure.

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