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If you could give RPG Maker a makeOVER ...

Subject: If you could give RPG Maker a makeOVER ...
by shaz on 2011/11/11 16:48:35

If you've frequented facebook recently and seen Aveyond Kingdom's latest update, you'll know we're on the lookout for a new game engine. We LOVE RPG Maker, but its limitations are hurting more and more with each new game. Resolution and platform are the two biggies, but there are other things that we just wish we could do, but can't.

It made me wonder what other RMXP/VX fans might put on their wishlist.

So ... here we go. What are the limitations of RPG Maker that you wish you could do away with, or change? Don't include scripts that you wish were part of the standard engine - I'll set up another topic for that.

My list of pet peeves is:
- more than 7 autotiles per tileset
- unlimited tilesets (what WERE Enterbrain thinking?!)
- an extra mapping layer!

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