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Re: If you could give RPG Maker a makeOVER ...

Subject: Re: If you could give RPG Maker a makeOVER ...
by Juunanagou on 2011/11/13 7:17:51

interesting...Let's see... I agree with the things said, more autotiles and infinite tileset. An extra layer would be useful.

-Not mapping in autotiles like vx, but more like xp (the maps looks awful if you don't parallax).
-An easier way to dispose maps. If you have to move one of them you have to copy and paste or move everything.
-A better rtp set, maybe two kind of, one like vx and one like xp, for whom love higher characters or smaller
-More than one BS, that you can switch easly without scripts. Maybe one for kind, one frontal, one lateral, one active and one tactic.
-Some other menus like circular or other.
-A decent dungeon generator, if you mess up with the size you'll have a room with 20 size wall.
-A chara and faceset generator, like the new rpgmaker vx ace their are doing.
-A way to modify map like you are using photoshop and parallax.

Ok they are lots things. Hope thay someone will use them in a new engine? XD

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