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Re: Comic/Cartoon/Manga/Anime Club

Subject: Re: Comic/Cartoon/Manga/Anime Club
by Aeternus on 2012/2/29 16:33:33

I need to catch upon the Kuroshitsuji manga but that seems to be its style - have a serious, action-filled arc and then break it up with a "filler", comedic chapter or two. D.Gray-man does that sometimes, too. It can be especially frustrating if said manga series (both of them, in these cases) are released monthly rather than weekly, because then you're left waiting longer for actual plot progression.

However, if the "filler" chapter is done well, then I don't mind it at all. Same goes for anime filler. The Naruto anime fillers were truly horrendous - terrible writing and boring plots, ugh. And they went on for over a YEAR. Natsume Yuujinchou, on the other hand, often does filler episodes quite well. Then again, they occupy completely different genre.

Arina Tanemura's style seems to be the massive eyes of her characters. Still, she's gotten a little better, particularly with details and body proportions.

I think my favoured art styles are those that are "clean" and more minimalist - less screen tones and such - but with enough detail to make it interesting to look at (for example, xxxHOLiC or Kuroshitsuji)

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