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Welcome to the Clubhouse!

Subject: Welcome to the Clubhouse!
by shaz on 2008/7/3 18:13:18

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

This is the place to bring your outside interests into Amaranthia and form small clubs and discussion groups. Games, books, whatever.

A few rules...

one thread per group/club
no spamming
if in doubt about what goes here, let the mods guide you - they will be able to move mis-placed threads


Unclaimed club ideas
Photoshop Help club
Sports club
English as Second Language club
World Peace club
Comedy club (if someone can think of a way without it getting spammy.)
A comedy club might be reasonable if it was aimed at looking in depth at comedians and their outlook on society. Many people think of comedians as goofy or slackers but they are always up on political and social events. We think they are funny because they can say in a joke what otherwise might not be accepted. So if someone wants to open a comedy club for the purpose of exploring the aspects of comedy, comedians and the issues they poke fun at, feel free to do so. If people want to post jokes they belong in [the School of Hardknocks Pictures topic in] Spam Haven

Claimed club ideas
(Note: This only lists the claimed but not yet launched clubs)
Movie club
Holidays' club

~updated by ayn 270908

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