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Subject: Re: SOPA and PIPA
by KTC on 2012/1/20 15:11:00

Jokes aside, I'm against SOPA/PIPA because there's no process of law, vague wording that even a non-law person can see through, and it's just ripe for exploitation and abuse. This is what you get when you have very techy-ignorant people write up a law about something they obviously don't understand.

A company can claim so and so site has infringed on their copyrights and that site will no longer be available in US via 'legal' means. The site in question won't be able to do anything about it.

Site: "I didn't know that was there! You know how many users we get?"
Troll!Law: "Well you should have paid more attention. Dismissed."

That can happen to any site like deviantart (bye bye fanart), Amaranthia (links to bieber/gaga=BAM. Goodbye), Wikipedia (all those media), google(it's a search engine that goes through links, think about it), youtube (you doing a cover of gaga's Alejandro? byebye youtube), etc.

Also, it will NOT stop piracy. At most, it'll make it slightly harder to pirate but where there's a will there's a way. I mean, the US tried to just shut down so called 80 'pirate' sites (1 of which was just a search engine NOT a pirate site *facepalm*), and most just popped back within hours.

If you want to create an effective law, they should have spoken to internet tech-y experts, not those behind the times fools in Hollywood who don't know anything about how the internet truly works.

(Don't mind my generalizations. I think PIPA/SOPA is squeaky trash. [according to the 'net, that's what it means in swedish XD])

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