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Subject: Re: SOPA and PIPA
by KTC on 2012/1/20 19:00:28

@ashen: What really gets me bout megaupload is that it's users uploaded content is what got it in trouble. The users. Contrary to what those FBI idiots think, there's no crime syndicate unless they are saying the internet is the crime syndicate.

If megaupload's people are convicted, it's gonna set up a dangerous precedent where any file hosting service like photobucket, rapidshare, youtube, hulu,etc. is in danger of immediate shutdown without any warning.

Also, maybe it's the conspiracy theorist in me talking, but I find it very suspicious that megaupload is taken down right after SOPA is delayed. It's like the US wants to demonstrates it has the muscles to take down sites and it's only because they are so 'benevolent' that they haven't done it already.

@mopiece: If it does pass, it's going to be a very sad day in US. Kiss Youtube and wikipedia goodbye.

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