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Re: Rush - RxL/RxD - UPDATED 06 August

Subject: Re: Rush - RxL/RxD - UPDATED 06 August
by KikoAyumi on 2010/8/30 1:57:59


Pairing: LarsxRhen DameonxRhen
Rating: T
Warnings: Offensive language, angst, and some mature situations. I will definitely warn beforehand.
Planned Length: Long. I’m going for a novel with this one.
Updates: Absolutely random. I don’t have much time to sit and write any longer, so I can’t promise anything.

NOTES: This takes place nearly two years after the end of Aveyond, when Rhen decided to become Queen and wed Dameon.

Chapter 14

“So... what's the plan?” Swilly ventured.

The four companions were just outside of Ghed'ahre, situated low in the bushes.

“All I can think of is make a run for Te'ijal's house and hope she's home,” Rhen said, shifting her eyes to look at Hector, who was sprawled out on the ground, “For crying out loud, Hector, get up!”

“I'm passed out,” Hector spoke, refusing to open his eyes as his body lay haphazardly against the grass.

“We clearly believe you,” Lars drawled, kicking his friend in the side.

“Ow!” Hector complained, slitting his eyes open just enough to glare up at his assaulter.

“This Te'ijal vampire won't try to suck our blood?” Swilly asked a little worriedly.

Before Rhen or Lars could assure her, Hector abruptly sat up, shaking the dirt from his hair.

“Yes, she will, because she's a freaking vampire!” Hector exclaimed, crossing his arms in a huff, “Which is why I'm staying right here. You guys can go get eaten up in there if you want, but this guy is not moving from this spot!”

“Te'ijal is our friend. She won't harm you,” Rhen sighed. Sure, seeing Hector scared out of his mind over the living dead was highly amusing, but it was quickly becoming a hindrance.

“Well I don't know this Te'ijal chick! And didn't you have garlic necklaces like normal people who go to visit vampires do when you met her? … wait, no normal person would go see vampires anyway!” Hector seemed quite proud of this revelation, nodding to himself.

“Fine,” Lars gave in, walking toward Ghed'ahre, “You stay here then, Hector. Wait for us, all alone in haunted woods, while we go and bring back some vampires.”

Hector tensed, suddenly feeling the need to look around at the woods surrounding him. Rhen and Swilly trailed after Lars, keeping his word true.

It got quiet.

Quiet and dark.

… did something just move over there?!

In a flash, Hector was running after them.

“Eh heh heh heh,” Hector laughed breathlessly, catching up to them, “You know, you guys don't stand a chance with these vampires. I'll tag along and keep you safe and all...”

Lars snorted, pleased his plan had worked, while Swilly and Rhen giggled.

“Just don't pass out on us, ok?” Rhen pleaded with a smile.

Hector could only snort in response, trudging forward even as every fiber of his being was pulling him in the opposite direction.

They darted into Ghed'ahre.

It took no time at all for the lingering scent of human blood to permeate the air and alert near-by vampires of their presence. The vampires walking the grounds turned in obvious interest, the eldest able to stand their ground whilst the youngest of the bunch felt their instincts kicking in rather quickly.

It was a young boy who lashed out first.

Lars shielded them just in time, sending the young one flying back.

“Keep them back, please!” Rhen exclaimed hopefully, glancing at the vampires who held their ground. It was easy to tell the vampires were highly disgruntled by their appearance, and pleads would more than likely not be answered.


Said girl skidded to a halt and looked behind her. A vampiress stood, regarding them carefully while a ghost swirled around her.

“Vorona!” Rhen acknowledged.

Vorona was suddenly in front of them, holding two vampires by their shirts as they tried to get to Rhen's party.

“Why in the world are you not wearing garlic?” Vorona asked, scrunching up her nose.

“We didn't have time. We need to see Te'ijal,” Lars spoke, sidestepping her as they walked passed.

“Thank you!” Swilly yelled over her shoulder.

In under a minute, they found themselves in Te'ijal's house, Lars shutting and locking the door quickly behind them. Out of breath, they stood with a hand on their chests.

Hector, by now a pasty shade of white, leaned against the wall for support.

“Who just barged in he- Rhen? Lars?”

Galahad stood in the hallway, looking confused at their sudden arrival.

“Rhen?” Te'ijal's voice echoed from further in the house, and within seconds, the vampiress was standing beside Galahad, “Well, to what do I owe the honor? Are you trying to tempt me with that blood of yours?”

Hector tried his hardest to sink further into the wall.

Rhen could only manage a smile.

“It's good to see you again, both of you,” Rhen said warmly, her rushing heart slowly calming, “I think we're going to need your help.”

“It is odd to see you two together,” Te'ijal remarked, choosing not to elaborate before turning attention to the man about to hyperventilate behind them, “Who is this?”

“No one important!” Hector squeaked, his voice cracking, “You don't need to pay any attention to me!”

Rhen, Lars, and Swilly snickered.

“His name is Hector,” Lars introduced, ignoring Hector's wide-eyed “Why the heck did you just tell her that-she's gonna hunt me down!” look, “And this is Swilly.”

Swilly curiously peaked over Rhen's shoulder.

“Charmed,” Te'ijal spoke politely, before focusing her attention on Rhen, “But I'm sure the Queen of Thais would be too busy to visit the Underworld unless it was something important?”

“Yeah... can I talk to you alone?” Rhen asked, suddenly feeling the urge to have a nice one-on-one chat like old times.

As Te'ijal nodded, Galahad looked offended.

“And why can I not know?” He asked, puffing up his chest like he was someone extremely important.

“We'll fill you in,” Lars promised.

The two woman walked off into the house. Hector relaxed, just a bit, but apprehensively looked at Galahad. Galahad quickly took notice of the frightened stare and frowned.

“I assure you, sir, I am nothing like that undead disaster of a woman. I am an honorable man who was tricked!” Galahad proclaimed strongly. Lars rolled his eyes at the dramatics.

“But that is not the point here,” Lars spoke, Galahad looking scandalized at his obvious couldn't-care-less attitude, “The point is Ahriman still lives.”

Galahad's eyes grew impressively large.

“How is that even possible?!”

And so, in both sides of the house, the story was told.

About an half hour later, they all met up in the dining room.

“So you need to find a way to get back into the Overworld...” Te'ijal pondered.

“Is there any other way out of the Underworld?” Swilly asked, but got shaking heads in response, “Then I don't see how...”

“I could always turn you all into vampires,” Te'ijal said with a smirk, startling everyone, “There is a high probability this miasma would not hurt the undead. But you would never go for this, of course.”

“Heh heh... no, not if there's another way,” Rhen answered, looking pale. If that was the only way... she would have to do it, but oh my gosh, she wanted to stay alive!

Lars also looked quite stricken at the thought. Hector's reaction would have been funny to see, if he was in the room. His fear had left him in the living room, most likely listening in, but as far away from the vampires as possible.

“I will not let you turn these good people into monsters,” Galahad said with a glare.

“You're so cute,” Te'ijal commented, not taking him seriously in the slightest, “But no, I don't believe there's a need for that. If we can get a potion made for us, you should be fine.”

“Potion?” Lars inquired, leaning forward with new-found hope in his eyes.

“Yes. A potion that makes your heart stop beating.”

“... um, I don't want to die?” Rhen asked fearfully, but Te'ijal just shook her head.

“You don't. The potion will give you the aspects of the undead. It was created for the rich who traded between the Underworld and Overworld. They could freely come here without being detected. It seems like such a potion would be perfect for this.”

A brilliant smile crossed Rhen's face.

“Then that's it! Where can we get this potion?” She asked excitedly.

“And how much is it?” Lars asked, raising an eyebrow, “You just said it was created for the rich.”

“Yes, it is rather expensive,” Te'ijal replied, stroking her fingers against her chin, “But I'm sure you'll be able to bargain with them. Maybe even ask for a loan; Rhen definitely has the money, just not at this point in time. You would have to travel to New Witchwood and get one of the witches to make it.”

“Then we'll go now,” Rhen determined, looking at her companions. Swilly and Lars nodded at her.

“Well then let me follow you out. I'll keep these vampires at bay,” Galahad volunteered.

Rhen made to go, but stopped when Te'ijal's hands fell on her shoulders.

“Do be careful, Rhen,” Te'ijal said seriously, patting her shoulders before letting go. Rhen flashed her a smile, and followed the others in the living room.

“We're leaving? Thank God,” Hector commented upon seeing them.

“Yeah, now we're going to see witches,” Lars said with a smirk as Hector groaned and his body sagged.

“He just can't win,” Swilly giggled.


Really, Hector reasoned, New Witchwood wasn't as scary. It was just more disgusting with that awful sludge everywhere.

“Four hours?!”

Hector turned his gaze away from the window when he heard Rhen's distressed yell. They had found a witch who said she could make the potion, but it apparently was going to take some time.

“Best I can do,” the witch said, in a take-it-or-leave it tone. Rhen sighed, nodding.

“Then fine. But if it is ready any sooner, please tell us right away.”

“Don't rush me, lady,” the witch responded with a critical eye before going about her own business.

Rhen was outright frustrated by the news, and the witch they had to deal with. Even though she explained the situation, the woman acted like she didn't care. And Rhen guessed she didn't, since it wasn't affecting her in any way.

Some people were just so ignorant. Those were not the kind of people she needed right now.

She looked around. Hector was looking out the window with a grimace. Swilly had flown up to the ceiling, curiously watching the witch at work. Lars was sitting down, seeming to look at nothing in particular, and then his eyes met her own.

Rhen tried to smile with her sigh. Lars offered a smile back at her, glanced at the front door, and then motioned her to follow as he stood.

Taking a deep breath, she followed him out.

“So I'm pretty awesome, huh?” Lars started.


“It was my idea to come here, was it not?” Lars asked, pounding a fist on his chest, “Lars comes through again.”

Rhen laughed, shaking her head.

“You're too egotistical. But yes,” Rhen replied, rolling her eyes, “Thank you, Lars.”

Lars looked at the ground, feeling a nervous knot building in his stomach. Their conversation that had been interrupted in Brumwich... what had she been about to say? Amongst all the panic and disarray they had been through within the last hour, the thought had been repeating itself in his mind.

“In Brumwich. Um, what were you going to say to me?” Lars asked, rubbing the back of his neck in uncertainty.

Rhen glanced at him and then looked away.

“Well, I've been really thinking about what you talked to me about when we were on the northern isle,” she began. Lars's eyebrows furrowed as he tried to remember what she was talking about. Rhen stopped walking, swinging her hands behind her back, “I don't know if I should mention this to you yet. I wasn't planning to, but... when this is done and I go back to Thais... I'm going to denounce my position as queen.”

Lars's lips parted as he stared at her in amazement. She was looking down, looking tense as she lightly swayed her body from right to left.

The word that appeared in Lars's mind was 'finally.'

In a rush of excitement, he leaned down and wrapped his arms around Rhen's stomach. She gasped when she was suddenly lifted into the air, and dipped forward to grip his shoulders for balance.


“You are amazing!” Lars exclaimed, swinging her around in the air, “You're finally doing what you want! I'm... I don't know what I am, but I'm proud!”

Rhen was stunned by the absolute joy on his face, and started laughing as he twirled her around.

“I didn't expect you to be this happy.”

“Of course I am,” Lars replied, carefully setting her feet back on the ground, “Well, 'cause, you know, I was right again!”

Rhen's jaw dropped, and she had the urge to strangle his ego, but she smiled anyway. Then she noticed though he had set her back down on the ground, he still had his arms wrapped around her. She could feel her cheeks grow warm as she lay her curled hands on his chest.

“But, you shouldn't be so happy. Not yet at least. If we don't defeat Ahriman, my decision won't even matter,” Rhen reminded, cringing.

Lars frowned at the mood change.

“I told you not to think like that. You know we're going to do this. Have a little faith in yourself, and in us.”

“I do. I try,” Rhen replied, with a humorless chuckle.

“Do I have to swing you around again to get you laughing?” Lars asked, looking so serious that Rhen snorted, a smile twitching on the edges of her mouth.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, burying her face into his collarbone.

“I'm really glad Talia transported me to the eastern isle,” Rhen sighed, relishing in the warmth emitting from his body. She felt his arms grow tighter around her, and she could hear the sound of his heartbeat against his chest.

A frightening thought hit her.

Rhen brought one hand back to the front, pressing it against his heart. Lars looked down curiously, a blush on his cheeks.

“Our hearts aren't going to beat when we take that potion,” Rhen whispered, fascinated by the steady rhythm against her hand, “This... may be the last time I hear your heartbeat like this.”

Lars decided at that moment, that there was no way he could ever love another person as much as he did the woman in front of him.

“I'll make sure you hear my heartbeat again,” Lars muttered, a solid promise.

Rhen smiled.

Someone cleared their throat.

Lars and Rhen looked over in surprise, seeing Hector standing a few feet away looking uncomfortable. Before Lars could even give him a death glare, he held up his hands in surrender.

“Look, ok, I didn't want to come chasing after you two! But there's a red-haired woman at the house looking for Rhen,” Hector said quickly.

Rhen and Lars looked at each other, and then Rhen's breath caught.

Red-haired woman?

In a flash, Rhen was tearing across the yard, near tripping over a tree root.

Could it be?

Could it possibly be?

And then Rhen saw her.

“Talia?!” Rhen yelled, feeling tears collecting in her eyes.

Talia stood in front of the house, sighing in relief when she saw Rhen. The girl ran to her and jumped into a fierce hug.

“Hi, Rhen,” Talia said with a smile, making Rhen sob. Talia gently smoothed Rhen's hair as Hector and Lars caught up.

“I'm... so glad... you're ok... where... have you been...” Rhen managed to get out through tears.

“Shh, calm yourself down before you talk. I'm fine,” Talia replied, nodding her head in greeting when she saw Lars. Lars smiled and did the same.

“Who is this?” Hector whispered to Lars, quite surprised at the tearful reunion. He was also inwardly grateful that he had interrupted the two for a good reason, so Lars had no right to get angry with him later.

“Talia. She's the one who teleported Rhen to the eastern isle where you found her.”

Hector's eyebrows rose in understanding.

Rhen pulled back, wiping at her eyes to try and put herself back together.

“Ok... seriously, where have you been?” Rhen asked with a deep breath.

“I have been hiding out in the Dreamworld. I'm sorry I didn't come to you sooner, but I needed time to recover, and then I needed to find you,” Talia explained, bringing a hand up to her forehead, “I'm so glad you're safe.”

“I'm glad you're safe,” Rhen copied, more relieved than she could possibly express.

“You think you're in the condition to tell me what has happened?” Talia asked. Rhen laughed, waving her hand in the air.

“Of course, of course. Tears just might keep coming,” Rhen spoke with a smile.

“We'll leave you two to that then,” Lars said, motioning Hector to follow him inside the house.

Talia's expression grew serious.

“Do you know the situation in the Overworld?”

“I know about the miasma. We were almost caught in it,” Rhen mumbled, grimacing at the memory.

“But do you know how much land it has covered?”

“We just came here, it'd say no more than two hours ago, and it was already taking over Veldt and the area around the Hungry Boar Tavern before we got here.”

“It's speed has near doubled within the last five hours. It has almost engulfed all of the Wildwoods and has already hit Dirkon.”

Rhen's heart sunk at the thought. Then she nearly had a heart attack.

“Wait, nearly all of the Wildwoods? That means it'll hit Veldarah and Ghalarah soon!” Rhen exclaimed, clutching at Talia's robe. Lars's family, Hector's family, everyone at the magic academy... they were all in grave danger! Surely they had made plans to evacuate?

“Exactly. I'm guessing you already have a plan, since you aren't freaking out. How do you plan to go back to the Overworld?”

Rhen told her about the undead potion. She then told her about all that had happened thus far, and how many swords they had collected.

“I don't know what we're going to do. There are still two swords out there somewhere,” Rhen spoke, forlorn. Talia nodded.

“Yes, the sword of chaos was in the Dreamworld and the sword of shadows is in Thais.”

Rhen's eyes widened.

“In the Dreamworld? Then-”

“Yes, I brought the sword of chaos with me. It's in the house,” Talia assured. Rhen hugged her again.

“That's great! Then all we have to worry about it how to get to the sword of shadows. Why would we place the strongest sword in Thais?” Rhen asked with a puzzled frown.

“Because only you can handle that sword, Rhen. It should be kept somewhere near you,” Talia answered.

“Well that logic backfired on us in this situation.”

“You know no one had any idea this would happen,” Talia spoke with a sigh, “Everything will be fine.”

“That's what Lars keeps saying,” Rhen replied, fiddling with her fingers.

“Speaking of Lars. I'm glad to see him with you. Though you two never got along very well, he was the first one that came to my mind in that moment,” Talia said, referring to the time she had teleported Rhen.

“You couldn't have picked a better person.”

Talia raised an eyebrow.

“Really? I was actually second-guessing myself on that decision for some time now.”

“Hey Talia? Can I tell you something? You have to promise not to freak out on me,” Rhen said. Now that she had announced her decision to one person, it felt a lot easier to tell others. And Talia should be one of the first to know anyway.

“You can tell me anything.”

“I'm going to denounce my title as queen.”

“... what?!” Talia exclaimed disbelievingly, and then chuckled uneasily, “Rhen, please, don't joke about stuff like that.”

Rhen frowned.

“I'm serious.”

Talia was absolutely befuddled.

“You are just under too much pressure to think clearly right now. Don't make such huge decisions at a time like this.”

“I should have made this decision a long time ago. Looks like I just needed Lars to make me understand my own feelings,” Rhen explained with a shake of her head.

Lars told you to do this?”

“He didn't tell me to. It's my own decision,” Rhen said, close to snapping. She felt tense at the obvious rejection of the idea.

“Rhen, what about your people? What about Dameon? Do you know how disappointed he's going to be?”

“He shouldn't be. If I tell him it's something I truly want, he'll let me do it. He can continue running the kingdom; you know as well as I that he would do a perfectly wonderful job alone.”


“Look, I've said what I wanted to say. I was in a fairly happy mood and I want to keep it that way, so can we drop this?” Rhen begged, walking toward the house.

Talia followed, unsure, with a tight frown on her lips.

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