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Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories

Subject: Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories
by KTC on 2008/2/16 6:42:29

Rhen hated traps. The whole point of traps was to kill you, like now for instance. She was currently hanging over a pit of spikes. The only thing keeping her from falling in was a strong hand gripping her wrist.

"Dang it Rhen! What have you been eating lately? Chopped rocked demon?"

The vampire currently had one holding onto Rhen while the other held onto a bunch of vines. Her grip was slowly slipping, but she didn't tell Rhen that. "Come on human!"

Rhen shook out of her daze and attempted to grab onto the wall. Suddenly, the walls began moving to crush them. "Great!"

Cursing, the vampire gathered her strength. "Rhen?!"



Grunting, the vampire threw the human up into the air before getting a more secure hold on the vines. "Teijal!" When the human came down again, the vampire quickly caught her in one arm and dumped her on the vines. "Climb Rhen! Get your lazy pale butt moving!"

Slowly the walls came closing and the pair kept climbing. Finally, the made it to the top and collapsed on the ground. Rhen breathing finally slowed. "Teijal?"



"No problem."



"I am not heavy nor do I have a pale butt."

Teijal chuckled and pulled the human on top of her. "No, you're definitely not heavy. And even though your bottom is pale.." She moved her hands over over the human's behind slightly squeezing. "I love it."

Than again, Rhen thought as she leaned in for a kiss, some traps were definitely very enjoyable.


(and as for the rest of the gang, their missing XP)

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