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Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories

Subject: Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories
by KTC on 2008/2/16 16:18:59

@bemused: lol, dunno. The thing that popped into my head for the word 'waiting' was waiting at the hospital. ok, so i've been reading way too many hospital angst fics lately <.< >.> As for traps: LOL


@marian: hehe good point XD (but don't remind her. she's still trying to build up a tan with all that sunblock )


Rhen giggled while her companion puffed out. "And that is why magic doesn't exist"

The human rolled her eyes. "So what is Lars', Dameon', and my powers? Chicken bones?"

The person sputtered and stuttered into silence before shrugging in defeat.

Rhen smirked "Exactly."

Smiling at her pouting companion, she walked up and pecked his cheek. "Don't worry, Gal, I'm sure you'll get an explanation later. Now how bout some sleep?"
Galahad still looked disgruntled, but nodded. Rhen grinned and kissed him.
Rhen shot up in bed startling the vampire awake. "Huh? Rhen?"

The human didn't answer, charged into the bathroom, took a sponge, and started to scrub herself fiercely. Concerned, Teijal followed the human. "Rhen? What's wrong?"

Still scrubbing herself, Rhen snapped, "I just had a dream- no nightmare involving Galahad! Now I feel dirty. Gah, what is wrong with my head?"

Teijal concerned look turn to one of amusement. "Galahad eh? Tall dark handsome figure?"

The human growled. "Don't you start. Sides you're tall dark and as far as I'm concerned, handsome."

The vampire laughed before walking toward the Rhen and gently taking the sponge away. "Yes I am. But I think it's no more midnight snacks for you."

The human looked shocked making Teijal laugh even harder. "No, I don't mean that snack. You can still have that one anytime. I meant your other snack."

Rhen grumbled and allowed the vampire to pick her up. "Fine, because I'm hungry now that I'm awake."

Teijal smirked. "Well we can't have that now?"

The ended up back on bed where it hopefully lead to more... pleasant dreams.

Keyword/title: Dreams XD

(oh yeah, and I know this has a lot inneundo. I'm still not exactly how much I can push before it becomes too much O.o;; So please tell me if you think if it was too much ^ ^)

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