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Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories

Subject: Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories
by KTC on 2008/2/17 6:28:30

lol, I like it XD

Deep in Thought
You know, as a vampire, I rarely reflect on my existence. For humans, it's easy: they live to reproduce and die. But for vampires, we have no need of offspring as our kind live on forever. We can die when we choose making death itself meaningless and powerless. On the greater scheme of things, even elves have more purpose than us. Those pompous elves can feel both the sun and moon's embrace. But we cannot, therefore we are always incomplete, inferior shadows of life. Than what is our purpose?

Is it to infect more of the human race with our mockery of life? Strange how we are both superior and inferior to the humans. We can slaughter them all by the thousands if we desired it. Whole human kingdoms can fall to a mere clan of vampires, not even including the Elders and their magic. So what is my purpose?

At first, I thought it was to suffer Fate's torture of living a dead life. Out of my clan, I am one of the best fighters of my rank. It wasn't only because I could fight well. Rather, it was because I had nothing to lose and nothing to gain. After all, I died already, what's a second true death? I contemplated the stake many times, but always pulled away. I never knew what held me back, what drove me to keep going through the fog of night despite my lack of purpose.

But now I do have a reason for 'living'. As I touch the round belly of my lover, I can't help but grin. We created this small little life, something that only happened once a green moon. It wasn't unheard of, just extremely rare. Perhaps this is Fate's payback for the punishments she put me - no us- through. After all neither of us asked for our lives to turn the way it went. I never wanted to be a vampire in the first place, and I doubt Rhen desired to be a slave. But, we're happy now. My grin grows impossibly bigger as I feel our daughter's faint kicks. Even my little girl agrees with me, such a good little maggot. When you can join us finally in the moonlight, I plan to spoil you rotten, that is, when Rhen's not around.

I must have a dopey expression on my face because my human is giving me that "acting like a vampire on garlic" smile. She places her hand on top of mine. "What are you thinking about?"

I grin again. "Just thinking on how Fate loves it's little games."

At my human's confused look, I chuckled. "Nevermind, it's not important."

And It wasn't. This is why I don't think deeply: I start getting more confusing than normal. Giving the human a slow languid kiss, I settled down with my mate and child. No more deep thoughts for tonight.


another mostly teijal monologue. I should really give Rhen a try one of these stories lol.

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