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Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories

Subject: Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories
by KTC on 2008/2/17 7:15:49

Seeing Red
Seeing her body fall and hit the ground with a thud. Seeing the enemies going for the kill. I saw red. My body no longer my own, my rational side leaving me. I was no longer Teijal everyone knew and hated. No, I was something that even vampires feared. I couldn't feel the blades' bite into my flesh as I slashed at them with my claws. My rapier already snapped. Monster, that's what I am. And I will kill them all!

Death can't claim me! No one can! Ha, you think you can kill me with your puny sword?! Laughing, I punch my fist right through his stomach. That'll teach him a lesson: Never. mess. With. Me! Oh, you would like to try some vampire? Oops! There goes his head! I was only aiming for his heart!

They will all die by my hands, and their leader too. I think I might also just paint the whole world in red, it's a prettier color. Especially dark bloody red. But than, I would need a lot of paint. I wonder where I would get it? Well these kind souls would probably know. Oi, you, last guy! The one that's shaking! Perhaps you can spare some paint?

I rush and grab the man by the throat and slowly close my hand. Come on you fool! Tell me, where's some red paint! You don't know? Well you're useless to me. Crushing the man's throat I toss his corpse aside. Not enough, never enough. I need more, much more. The world will soon be covered in red.

Red red red. Lovely beautiful red.

I feel someone come up from behind. Whipping around I raised my hand to stab the rude person and froze. Rhen. She looks at me, willing me to see. My body trembles. I don't tremble. So why am I trembling? I lowered my hand and just stare at her. She's alright.

I feel her touch my cheek despite how dirty I am. Rhen. I pull her close making sure she was real. She is.



and the dark side has finally made it's debut after 15 stories.

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