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Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories

Subject: Re: KTC's Whacky Short Stories
by KTC on 2008/2/18 23:24:28

@marian: hmm I get what you're saying. But now comes the hard part: making Rhen into 3d character rather than 1d as she's portrayed XD

@kaz: lol, even though she's a hero, she's still a vampire who probably lived for a couple centuries at least. I bet there's a lot of dark places in that head that I don't even want to tread XD

Pen and Paper

The girl thought and thought. She hated writing papers, but now her teacher said she needed to write about her family. She scrunched up her face. How could she write about her family? It wasn't like they did anything abnormal. Okay, sure her mama liked strange food, was really strong, and hated the sun. Sure her mommy could beat up ten people without a sweat and often smacked mama when she was bad. But the little girl was absolutely sure other families probably acted the same way privately.

Sighing, she shrugged. Well, the teacher asked her to write about her family, so she will.

A few hours and many papers later, she finished with a satisfied nod. Shrugging, she slipped it into her bag to give to the teacher the next day. Well, at least that was done, now she could practice sword fighting. Maybe mama will teach her a new trick.

A few days later, the girl ran to her mama waving a paper in the air.

"Oof. Easy there."

"Mama! Look what I got!"

There was an A- stamped on it. Teijal smiled. "Hehe, that's very good. What cha write about?"

"Mama and Mommy!"

Teijal raised a brow. "Interesting, can I see?"

The girl nodded and grinned handing the paper. Teijal smirked while reading.

My Family

My mommy always makes good things to eat and she's really good at fighting. She said one day I'll probably be better than her, but I don't see how that can happen. After all, my mommy and mama beat up the biggest baddest demon in Aveyond.

My mama is really cool. She can crush rocks with her bare hands and make people tremble. Even though everyone thinks she's mean and evil,they're all wrong. My mama is very funny and often makes mommy and I laugh. Even though mama hates the sun, she always picks me up after school.

My family is part of me. Even though we fight sometimes, we stick together. I can always depend on my mama or mommy to help me. When mama or mommy has a bad day, we try to cheer her up.

My mama and mommy may not be 'normal' parents, but that doesn't matter to me. They are my parents, and I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Teijal smirked had widened into a grin. "Hehe, very nice. Tell you what, when we get home. Let's gang up on Rhen and make her get out the cake."

The girl's eyes widened, and she grabbed onto Teijal's hand, "Come on mama!"

The vampire allowed herself to get dragged. Rhen would probably kill her later, but anything for their little girl.


extra musings after writing this one:
Hmm.. I think I tend to write my Teijal more.. sane than she appears in the game. As for Rhen, definitely more laidback and loose. Still good and all for the most part, but willing to break the rules (no pun intended) and do some "bad" things.

They compliment each other very well in my head lol.

Here's to character development! XD

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