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Re: Wedding Dress (Gates of Night) + Balcony (also GoN)

Subject: Re: Wedding Dress (Gates of Night) + Balcony (also GoN)
by Marabelle on 2009/10/8 22:55:43


Did the same for Mel, actually, and her hatred of nobles, although Marabelle did it better, funnier, and with less need for new canon in Night Falls.

Oh, pshaw! I learn about Mel from your stories, dear Blurbie!

I did not expect to see an update to this story, so I was completely thrilled when I did! I love it! The ending in particular made me melt into a warm and contented puddle of Marabelle. I love the romantic, grown up type stuff, particularly when it's loving, as it was here.

Mel's support of Edward is truly wonderful, and makes me love her even more, and Ed's concern for involving her in a life they both hate touched me deeply. I feel so much for Edward, and the difficult responsibilities he eventually accepts.

Rhen had to face much the same thing. One could probably do quite an interesting treatise on the subject of accepting responsibility in the Aveyond universe. It seems like a major guiding force in characters, major and minor.

To wander off to Te'i for a sec, as I'm wont to do, here is a character who claims to take very little responsibility for what she does (Mel is also this way too, and a comparison between those two characters would also be intriguing, at least to me!) and yet, she takes great responsibility for what is happening to the world, and to the people she surrounds herself with, including her cranky, wayward, somewhat suicidal hubby.

Contrasts... totally fascinating... anyway, I'm rambling in my fatigue here. So, let me just say... I LOVED it! And I'm so glad you wrote more of it, because it was like literary ice cream to me on a hot August day. Yummers!

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