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Re: Wedding Dress (Gates of Night) + Balcony (also GoN)

Subject: Re: Wedding Dress (Gates of Night) + Balcony (also GoN)
by Blurble on 2009/10/8 23:09:09

I didn't expect an update either. This was that... image I mentioned to you that I couldn't find the right words for. Today I managed to, or at least something close enough to get down in writing.

I did tell you I wanted to write something showing how healthy they are for each other... this was pretty much it.

Responsibility, yes, but with the interesting and weird factor of prophecy. Reponsibility mixed with fate is the idea here- You are told what you are supposed to achieve and then you... do.

Of course Te'i is somewhat different as she has no prophecy, just her own quirky sense of... ugh, word re-use much but responsibility in a different sense.

I'm very glad you liked it.
Thank you for the comment (I have been shamelessly waiting for it sine i posted this)

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