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Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 01/12!) #201
Offline   KikoAyumi
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Level : 20
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MP : 160 / 9121
I'm loving all the skepticism here =3

Sorry, this is not another update (though I have started on the next chapter!) but I have another little thing to share.

Click here!

Posted on: 2010/1/30 13:51
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 01/12!) #202
Offline   Candide
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Level : 12
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MP : 57 / 4114
Homaigosh I love the song. <3
It's stuck in my head now. ><

Posted on: 2010/1/31 2:52

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 01/12!) #203
Offline   ipodbearxx
  Witches and Warlocks
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love it

Posted on: 2010/2/24 2:59

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 01/12!) #204
Offline   KikoAyumi
gold   557 Gold
Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9121

LarsxRhen DameonxRhen
Rating: T
Warnings: Offensive language, angst, and some mature situations. I will definitely warn beforehand.
Planned Length: Long. I’m going for a novel with this one.
Updates: Absolutely random. I don’t have much time to sit and write any longer, so I can’t promise anything.

NOTES: This takes place nearly two years after the end of Aveyond, when Rhen decided to become Queen and wed Dameon.

Chapter 12


Hector could see Solaris up ahead. As if sensing the stare, the mighty dragon raised its head and looked their direction.

Solaris gave a happy roar upon seeing them. Rhen and Lars laughed at the cute reaction, intertwined hands swinging back and forth as they walked ahead.

Hector did a double-take.

Since when did Lars and Rhen hold hands?! And since when did Lars look so... so disgustingly happy?! Adoration and love were practically a visible cloud around the sorcerer!

Hector looked around.

And where was Swilly?


Great, now he was hearing Ylitta's voice. Had he been drugged? He couldn't remember...


Ok, he wasn't delusional. He was definitely hearing Ylitta's voice...


Said man whipped his head up to see... Solaris?

Dear sweet all that was holy, did Solaris eat Ylitta?!

'Wait, no, think rationally here. She wouldn't be alive to yell your name if she had been eaten!' Hector's mind desperately grasped at its sanity.

So... Ylitta had been turned into a dragon?!

'I'm in love with a creature with scales and wings. This is wrong in so many ways.'


… wait wait!

Were his eyes deceiving him or...

Yes! A completely human Ylitta had just appeared from behind Solaris! Oh thank the heavens!

“Ylitta!” Hector finally shouted back, overjoyed as the woman sprinted toward him, her blonde waves of hair trailing behind her.

With a burst of energy, the young woman jumped, flinging her arms around his neck and hugged tightly.

“Oh thank goodness!” Ylitta exclaimed, moving back just a bit to look up at his face, “I kept getting reports on how bad the Thais situation was getting and I heard no word of you... I just had to come find you myself!”

Something like “That was dangerous; you shouldn't have done that” was on the tip of his tongue, but something of even greater importance won out.

“You were... worried about me?” Hector asked, tentatively. Hopefully.

“Of course, silly,” Ylitta replied, smiling cutely, “I worry about the one I love!”

There were fireworks.


Literally, there were fireworks bursting in the background.


Hector didn't even take the time to wonder how the hell they got there. Cupping his angel's face, he leaned in to kiss her...


Why wasn't Ylitta closing her eyes for their kiss? … And since when were Ylitta's eyes violet?

Come to think of it, her voice had changed, too. But it was a familiar voice...

Sleepy eyes blinked their way into the world of reality, finally taking in the whole picture. And the picture was most definitely not the one from his dreams.

'Cause he'd never dream about cupping Rhen's face and bringing her lips inches from his own.

And after hearing a horrified gasp, Hector didn't believe Swilly thought so either.

“AAHH!” Hector yelled in panic, practically shoving the girl away from him. In his haste to back himself up, his poor head suffered trauma via the tree behind him.

Rhen clamored to right herself after being shoved away, bringing a hand to gently rub her abused jaw line. She stared wide-eyed at Hector.

“What the heck were you doing?!” Rhen hissed, gathering her wits as she turned her head in Swilly's direction.

Hector had still been asleep just moments ago. Lars and Swilly had ventured out in the woods in search of food due to their friend's spending habits. When Hector had started muttering something in his sleep, Rhen had knelt next to him, trying to wake him up. To her great surprise, Hector had suddenly lifted his hands and cupped her cheeks, dragging her shocked face down to his own.

And if Rhen had to guess, Swilly had just returned from food hunting in time to see their faces inches away from each other. An apple, presumably one she'd been holding, was now lying on the forest floor as the fairy stared at them with a deer-caught-in-headlights look and a mouth hanging open to let the flies in.

“I was sleeping! Why were you so close to my face when I woke up?!” Hector hissed back.

“I hear yelling. Hector up?” Lars asked, appearing behind Swilly holding a bag in his right hand.

“Me?! You tried to kiss me!” Rhen yelled in horrid bewilderment.

“It wasn't YOU!” Hector shouted.

“What the hell do you mean, “It wasn't me?!” It was sure as hell my face in your hands!” Rhen screeched.

“Uugh, just shut up! I didn't mean to kiss you; end of story! We didn't even kiss!”

“It was THIS close, you pervert!”



The fighting pair froze. Both felt a bone-chilling breeze race up their bodies as an ominous presence towered over them. From their seated places on the ground, they slowly craned their heads upward. Lars stood there with an unreadable expression.

“Stop fighting and please explain this... kiss... to me clearly,” Lars spoke, spitting the word 'kiss' like it was something foul. Hector flinched, suddenly fearing for his life.

“Really! It was a dream! I must have acted it out in real life!” Hector exclaimed. Rhen's eyebrow raised.

“What kind of dream were you having?” Rhen asked slyly, smirking. Hector's cheeks flushed a pretty pink.

“Well it was supposed to be Ylitta, not you, so you can stop freaking out,” Hector huffed, annoyed when her smirk only grew bigger, “Stop smiling like that!”

Lars eyed the two for a moment longer before sighing.

“Wow, what bad timing, huh?” Swilly spoke, giggling, “I was gonna say. Rhen, you're really popular, aren't you?”

It was Rhen's turn to flush.

Lars cleared his throat, lifting the bag in his hand.

“We gathered some apples. It'll be annoying to have yet another thing to carry, but thanks to Hector, we'll have to deal with it,” Lars spoke. Hector snorted at the jib.

Swilly flew down by Hector, perching herself on his head.

“So are you alright? Can we go?” Swilly asked him, eyes wide in curiosity. It was clear to see the fairy was excited about meeting her kind.

“I guess. I feel alright,” Hector replied, pushing himself off the tree and planting his hands on the ground. With a heave, he stood, balancing on his feet. When his eyes landed on the sword hanging from his side, realization dawned on him. “Wait, how'd I get back here?”

“Thane dragged you back,” Rhen replied, content to stay seated on the ground for the moment, “And I have a lot of questions for you. How were you able to get the sword without me?”

“Rhen,” Lars warned, waiting for her to look at him before tossing her an apple. She caught it, inspecting the fruit for worm holes while waiting for an answer.

“I want one!” Swilly exclaimed.

“I thought you had one?”

“Yeah, kind of dropped it...”

“Easy,” Hector began, holding up his palm, “I made an exact replica of your palm and stole some of your blood. I was able to fool the barrier.”

Rhen took a large bite out of her apple and chewed, eyebrows raising in surprise before she swallowed, “You were actually able to make an exact copy? Excuse me for finding that amazing after seeing your... clones.”

“He's gotten much better,” Swilly spoke. To any other person, it would sound like a praise, but Hector caught the underlying intention in those words and cast her a warning glance. He would be damned if the happenings of last night got to the ears of his other two companions. He'd never hear the end of it.

“Damn right I've gotten better,” Hector admonished, catching the apple Lars threw to him, “Anyway, you have anymore questions?”

“Well I clearly want to hear the whole story. You passed out due to mana use; getting the sword couldn't have been easy,” Rhen reasoned. Swilly laughed at Hector's reluctance to speak.

“He can tell us while we walk. We should get out of here already,” Lars said, already holding one of their supply bags. Rhen stood and gathered the blankets they'd used, stuffing them in another bag.

“What does it really matter, anyway? I got the sword,” Hector said, chomping down on the apple. Swilly laughed again, leaving Rhen and Lars in wonderment.

“Ok, then Swilly, you explain,” Rhen pushed, attaching the Sword of Dreams to her belt as Lars attached the Sword of Light to his.


“I will rip your little wings off,” Hector hissed.

“Aw come on! You don't want to tell them about your lover?!” Swilly yelled, flying up and out of reach of Hector's straining fingers.

“Lover?” Lars and Rhen asked simultaneously.

The tips of Hector's ears turned a lovely shade of red.

“ANYWAY, we're moving on...” Hector stressed, marching forward. With glee, Swilly flew between Lars and Rhen.

“I'll let you in on all the details later,” she promised before zipping off after Hector.

A smile threatened to pull her lips up as Rhen quirked an eyebrow.

“Do we even want to know?”

“Of course we do,” Lars managed with a straight face. Rhen chuckled.


“How are they so big?!”

Hector's voice ricocheted off the massive trees of the Old Woods, echoing throughout the forest.

“Big to you?! Think of me!” Swilly argued, joining Hector in gaping up at the trees.

“The elves have taken advantage of the room inside these trees and have built their village in and around them,” Rhen explained. Hector frowned.

“Who would want to live in a tree?” Hector commented offhandedly.

“They're elves. They like nature, I guess,” Lars replied.

“Not all people need lavish homes like you,” Rhen remarked, making Hector snort.

“You're one to talk, Queen.”

Rhen almost... almost announced her decision about that title, but snapped her mouth shut just in time. She didn't want them to know yet. Not until she had everything straight in her confused mind.

“It's not like I asked for the castle,” she mumbled instead.

“So where are the fairies?!” Swilly asked excitedly. It'd been far too long since she had seen her own kind.

“There were no fairies the last time we were here, so it'd be best to ask the elves,” Lars responded as they came to a door in the tree. Hector didn't comment, but his wide eyes showed interest in the odd sight. Walking inside, the air became slightly damp. A ladder lead them up to Ylisfar.

“Still one hell of a climb,” Lars grumbled once they reached the top.

“You old man,” Rhen snickered.



The gasp caught the attention of the group, and they turned to see an elf with bright, sea green hair and wide eyes.

“Eh. Please don't tell me this is going to be a repeat of Dirkon?” Rhen asked nervously.

“You... you're Rhen, right?” The elf asked cautiously, looking like she was ready to bolt at any moment.

“Yeah, she's the Queen of Thais. Is there something wrong with that?” Lars asked with a glare. The elven girl stared a little while longer before her body visibly relaxed.

“No, no, I was just... startled,” the spoke sheepishly, letting out a sigh, “I'm sorry. Everyone has been on edge because of the black clouds in the distance. We don't exactly know who to trust but.. I don't sense any malicious intent about you. I'm glad.”

“Well, Hector, looks like you don't have to come up with another diversion. Darn,” Swilly commented, dodging the fist that swung through the air.

“... I think I get it now,” Rhen spoke, a finger tapping her chin, “That warning that was sent out to everyone... all it said was that Thais was taken over and the Druids were being controlled. Maybe people think I am being controlled too.”

"Well that would explain the hostility,” Lars agreed, frowning, “But that doesn't bode well for us.”

“So how did you escape?” The elf suddenly asked, eyes wide with wonder, “And why would you come here?”

Rhen sighed, taking a deep breath before retelling the story.



The elf girl, whose name they found was Tianes, sat on the couch contemplating what she'd been told. They had moved inside one of the large trees, sitting themselves on cushioned furniture as a fireplace was emitting heat with light crackling sounds.

“I'm sorry to say that a sword is not in Ylisfar,” Tianes continued. Rhen sagged.

“I figured that,” Rhen replied, though it was easy to tell she'd still hoped, “But we're also here to see the fairies who reside here.”

“The fairies in the Root System?” Tianes inquired.

“Is that where they are? Seems like a pretty dreary place to reside,” Lars spoke, making Tianes smile.

“They've put their own little... touches on the place.”

“Where's this 'Root System?'” Swilly asked.

“It's right under us,” Rhen replied, noticing Hector had fallen asleep on the couch, “Jeez, how much can one guy sleep?”

“He's still probably not fully recovered,” Swilly said.

“Let him sleep for now. Swilly, let's get you down to the Root System and then I think we should head to Brumwich to see if they have a sword, though it's doubtful. Then Veldt?” Lars asked, looking at Rhen for confirmation. Rhen nodded before turning to Swilly.

“You keep those fairies safe, 'kay?”

Swilly blinked, tilting her head in confusion.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You'll be staying with them, right?”

“What!?” Swilly exclaimed, mouth dropping open, “How could I just up and leave you guys?! I am a part of this team! Ahriman is going down!”

Lars smirked and Rhen laughed before pulling the fairy in a hug.

“I'm glad! Though you're crazy for doing this, I'm glad!” Rhen exclaimed.

“Just give me some time to talk with the fairies and I'll be ready to go!” Swilly promised.

“Then if you'll follow me,” Tianes alluded, exiting. Swilly zipped after her.

“... you're smiling from ear to ear,” Lars spoke, though quietly to not awake his slumbering friend.

“I really thought we were going to lose her. You have to admit she keeps things happy around here,” Rhen replied, glancing at Hector, “Let's go outside.”

The wooden paths along the outer edges of the trees slightly creaked as they walked. Rhen picked a spot where the huge trees least obstructed her view before sitting down on the edge, feet dangling in the air. Lars sat down next to her

“I can't see the line of black with all these trees in the way,” Rhen pouted. Lars leaned back on his palms.

“You shouldn't be thinking about it anyway,” Lars suggested.

“How can I not?”

“Think about why the grass is green, or why the sky is blue, or why dogs don't like cats.”

“But I'll be thinking forever!”



“Just trying to help.”

“Well you aren't very good at it.”

“I'm good at everything.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny.”

“See? I'm even a good comedian.”

Rhen shoved him.

“Hey, watch it! We're pretty high up here!” Lars exclaimed.

“That cliff we jumped off of was higher than this!”

“There's a big difference between landing in water and plummeting to the ground.”

“You're good at everything. You'd find a way.”


“I wonder what's different about the Root System?”

“You should have gone with Swilly.”

“I think it's best to give her time alone with them.”

“I guess. But fairies in the Old Woods, dragons on the Eastern Isle, Dirkon becoming a rich nation... this place sure has changed. It'd be cool if we could travel the isles every couple years or so just to check out the changes.”

The off-hand comment settled like a weight in Rhen's chest. The thought of that really was great.

“... then let's do it!”


“Every couple years or so, let's travel around the isles! Hector and Swilly can even come if they want!”

Lars suddenly looked troubled.

“Rhen. That... we'll be busy. Me with Shadwood and you with Thais.”

The weight in her chest grew heavier.

“That's going to be your excuse, isn't it? Because we're busy,” Rhen spoke softly, “When this is over, you plan to do the exact same thing as last time.”

“... Rhen-”

“I don't want you to disappear like last time, Lars. Now, more than ever, I want to stay in contact with you.”

“... aaaaah,” Lars groaned, running a hand through his hair, “I want to see you too, but... it's just a... hard situation.”

“Because of Dameon?”

Lars's lips pursed into a thin line.

“Rhen, stop. We'll talk about this after we destroy Ah-”

“If you run away again, there will be no chance to talk,” Rhen cut him off, surprised by how calmly she was addressing this. Lars, however, bristled.

“Then what do you want?! What do you want me to say right now?”

“I'm just sick of this, Lars. One minute we're fine, and then the next it's all awkward. I don't want things to be like this.”

“Well it will always be like this, because I screwed up,” Lars spat bitterly, turning away from her.

A silence swept over them. Rhen slowly swung her legs back and forth, watching them appear and disappear from view. Then, she turned toward her companion, staring at the dark green locks of hair at the nape of his neck.

If only she could read his mind. Maybe she'd be able to get a better grasp of her own.

A flurry of butterflies scattered across her chest, and she had to take a deep breath before speaking.

“Do you regret the kiss?” Rhen asked lowly, her eyes never wavering from his neck. For a few agonizingly silent moments, neither moved.

With a defeated sigh, Lars finally replied, “I wish I could.”

“Then tell me how you feel.”

The blunt question completely caught him off guard. Lars whipped his head around to look at her, a look of horror on his face. His mouth was open, about ready to fire off words, but the syllables died in his throat.

Rhen had leaned closer to him, and now little space separated them. She stared at him almost determinedly, her fingers clutching the wood beneath her. Despite her unwavering stare, her breathing was off, heart beating its way into infinity.

“... you're pretty cruel,” Lars whispered, a breathless laugh sending puffs of air onto Rhen's face, “You know and yet you still want me to say it.”


She was so close to a confession.

“I don't want assumptions,” Rhen muttered.

The smile slipped off his face. His shoulders sagged, his resolve breaking.

Green and purple strands of hair mingled together before their foreheads connected. Lars closed his eyes, but Rhen's remained open, now trained on his lips.

Those lips opened, closed after hesitation, and then opened once more.

“I love you, Rhen Pendragon,” he admitted with a sigh, “I don't even understand how this happened. You drive me crazy, you don't listen to me, you're incredibly stubborn, and yet I've come to love everything about you.”

Rhen's eyes slipped closed. Her skin felt tingly and her head hurt. The only thing in the world that mattered in that moment of time was Lars Tenobar.

She wanted to kiss him. The stubborn, lingering doubts that always invaded the back of her mind had vanished, leaving her with a sense of peace and belonging. A sense of safety with a man she loved.

… loved, huh?

Her hand found his neck, the same spot she'd been staring at moments ago, and tugged. It was only a small movement, a small distance.

There was contact. Sweet, fiery contact for a brief moment...

The sound of a door creaking open startled them. The kiss was broken as quickly as it'd began.

Hector stood in the open doorway, rubbing his eyes. He blinked them a couple times before they settled on the seated pair.

“Guess I feel asleep,” Hector said sheepishly, stretching his arms high above his head, “Where'd Swilly go?”

Hector paused in mid-stretch. Rhen had all but turned her entire body away from both he and Lars, while Lars stared at her back with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

What in the world had he just walked in on?

“Uh... should I go back to sleep...?” Hector asked carefully.

Lars seemed to get a hold of himself before shooting a deadly glare in Hector's direction. Feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand to attention, he chuckled nervously, backing his way into the room he emerged from.

He didn't quite make it inside, however, before new voices approached them.

“Guys, guys! Meet the fairies!” Swilly exclaimed cheerfully. Behind her flew five new fairies curiously observing them, “Oh good, Hector's up!”

“Eh..” Hector began, wanting to tell Swilly that now was not the best time. However, Rhen stood and faced Swilly with a smile.

“Hi!” She greeted enthusiastically. The fairies seemed to like the greeting and smiled, flying around her to talk. Lars stared at the scene for a while before he stood up himself. He walked toward Hector, and Hector almost thought he would get hit for a moment, but Lars just brushed by him and went inside. With a wary sigh, Hector shut the both of them inside the room and turned to look at Lars.

The sorcerer was standing in front of the fireplace, staring at the flames with one hand over his mouth. Because of the dancing flames giving the room a faint glow, Hector wasn't sure if he saw a blush on the man's face or not.

“So, uh,” Hector began, swinging his arms around nonchalantly, “What happened?”

Lars removed the hand from his mouth, revealing a smile.

This actually scared Hector. A death glare and then a smile? Talk about mood swings.

“She kissed me.”

Hector nearly fell over.

“... she kissed you?”


“Just like that?”


“No explanation?”


“... she kissed you.”

“Haven't we had a conversation like this before?” Lars asked, smirking.

“Yeah, we have, but the mood's a little different,” Hector replied with a chuckle.

“She made me confess. I told her I loved her, Hector. And then she... kissed me. … and then SOMEONE walked outside.”

Hector feared for his life again. More so as Lars stalked over to him, grabbing his shoulders.

“She kissed me, so she has to feel something for me, right? I mean, she never said anything, but... you don't kiss someone out of the blue like that!” Lars exclaimed, now shaking Hector back and forth.

“Whoa, dude, calm down,” Hector pleaded, halting his body from being used like a rag doll, “Look, I'm happy for you and all, but I think you've forgotten a very important thing here. And it involves a Sun Priest and a ring on Rhen's finger!”

Lars scowled and let him go completely.

“I know. I know that,” Lars replied, walking over to the couch and plopping himself down on the cushions. He covered his face with one arm.

There was a brief silence.

“I'm going to let you think alone in here for a while. I want to meet Swilly's friends anyway,” Hector said, walking toward the door. Lars nodded.

When Hector was outside, we was surprised to see only Rhen there, and in the same position she'd previously been sitting.

“Where'd they go?” Hector inquired, standing beside her. Rhen looked up at him.

“They already went back. Swilly insisted that she was in a hurry so we could leave. The fairies are all for traveling to the Northern Isle,” Rhen explained with a smile.

Hector studied her for a moment.

“He's my best friend, you know. Not to sound like a father protecting his daughter here, but don't hurt him,” Hector ordered, crossing his arms. Rhen blinked.

“You knew? About his feelings?”

“Of freaking course I knew! And let me say, I had quite some trouble processing the information when he came back to the Eastern Isle saying he loved you.”

“So it was from all the way back then...” Rhen muttered.

“What about Dameon?” Hector bluntly asked. He saw Rhen stiffen.

“Dameon... Dameon... I don't know,” the last part came out in a dejected whisper.

“Then do me a favor and don't get his hopes up if you still aren't sure of your own feelings.”



“... don't become my love confidant, please?”

“Just saying.”

“Ooooookay!” Swilly suddenly shouted, flying over to them, “We're ready to go!”

Next stop: Brumwich.


And here is chapter 12! I totally went off my chapter schedule.. I had originally planned to focus this chapter more on Swilly, but uh.. I wanted development between our two favorite people! Muwahaha! So, Lars has finally admitted it out loud, woo! And just so you know, the elf featured in this story, Tianes, is an actual elf from Aveyond. She is in the room if you go right after climbing the ladder to Ylisfar! Tianes is my made up name, though.

So! Highlights of this chapter:

Hector almost kissed Rhen
Rhen kissed Lars (though only for a brief moment )
A new version of the banter between Hector and Lars that everyone enjoyed

Posted on: 2010/2/24 3:02

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 02/24!) #205
Offline   Candide
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Level : 12
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MP : 57 / 4114
I just noticed you love the ellipses too much. o__o Cut down on it a bit please. There're some parts where they're at the beginning of some dialogue when it's not needed. So yeah.

Posted on: 2010/2/24 6:51
I'm on Grammar Nazi Mode most of the time. If I sound harsh, then get used to it.
I write Rhen/Lars by the way. It's awesome.

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 02/24!) #206
Offline   sana96
  Witches and Warlocks
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AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE! Dude you rock! <3 He said it out loud! He said it loud! He said it loud! <3 <3 <3 <3 *dies of excitement* Please I'm begging you write soon! <3 You are the best Kiko! <3 <3 <3

Posted on: 2010/2/24 15:35

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 02/24!) #207
Offline   KikoAyumi
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MP : 160 / 9121
@Candide: o_o Wow.. I totally did overdo it with the ellipses in this chapter, didn't I? There was just a lot of hesitation in this chapter and I feel like "..." shows hesitation well.. I dunno XD I'll go delete some of them!

@sana96: ^_^ Heck, I was excited when I wrote that part Glad you liked it~

Posted on: 2010/2/24 20:55
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 02/24!) #208
Offline   dad0303
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lars the old man.*snickers* but you what would be funny? if swilly knew of it! and what happened if Elin came or someone else?

Posted on: 2010/2/25 10:08
: ( bye bye

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 02/24!) #209
Offline   azureXtwilight
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Please please please continue! I love this! RxL forever! You should start a book XD

Posted on: 2010/3/8 2:44
Fantasia ROA FULL
Fantasia 3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD (Updated 02/24!) #210
Offline   KikoAyumi
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Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9121
Ok, I'm back, but only to bring you a message you really don't want to hear.. >_>

This story is going on hiatus for a while. I know it's practically been on it before because of my horrible updating skills, but this time I KNOW I won't be able to write any time soon, so I'm just telling everyone.

The end of my freshman year in college is nearing and I'm being bombarded with mountains of tests and papers. When I actually do have free time, I go home and spend it with my family and friends.

How long will this hiatus be? I can't say for sure. School ends on May 13th for me, but right after, I'll be going to Vegas, and then right after that a friend from New York is coming down to visit, and then right after that, another friend and I are going to see ANOTHER friend down in Tennessee

So yeah. Just know I WILL finish this story. You may have to read the whole thing over again to remember anything by that time, but.. lol

Posted on: 2010/3/30 9:25
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #211
Offline   diamondmist
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I...I...I...No...I can't be...Hiatus...I can' can't be!!!

Posted on: 2010/4/2 10:57
Enemy, familiar friend
My beginning and my end
Broken truth, whispering lies
And it hurts again

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #212
Offline   gabriela
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take your time, Kiko! we'll all be waiting here patiently ^_^~

Posted on: 2010/4/4 11:29
Blindly rejecting what is mainstream is just as stupid as blindly following what is mainstream.

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #213
Offline   KikoAyumi
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Level : 20
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Hey guys!

Ok, I want to get this right, so I'm gonna ask one more time about the swords.


There are 7 daevas, though, and I thought there was a sword for each..? Is there a Dark sword or something else I'm missing?

And, despite my papers, tests, and finals, I HAVE been thinking about this story a lot! I actually have been working on the outlines in between my classes and before I knew it, I had the entire outline finished for both Chapter 13 and 14!

I'd really appreciate the help!

Posted on: 2010/5/5 20:33
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #214
Offline   shadowshed
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Oww! Love it.
Btw, i ever read this before, but not here,
that's really a good job here
GREAT story!!!

Posted on: 2010/5/6 8:16

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #215
Offline   sandstorm1998
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no, i think theres only 6... (third comment)

Posted on: 2010/5/6 22:34

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #216
Offline   KikoAyumi
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@sandstorm1998: Oh gosh, thank you sooo much for the confirmation! Now I know how to properly plan out the story!

Posted on: 2010/5/7 0:48
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Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #217
Offline   sandstorm1998
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^^ glad to help!

Posted on: 2010/5/7 21:45

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #218
Offline   KikoAyumi
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Pairing: LarsxRhen DameonxRhen
Rating: T
Warnings: Offensive language, angst, and some mature situations. I will definitely warn beforehand.
Planned Length: 18 - 20 Chapters
Updates: Absolutely random. I don’t have much time to sit and write any longer, so I can’t promise anything.

NOTES: This takes place nearly two years after the end of Aveyond, when Rhen decided to become Queen and wed Dameon.

Chapter 13

“And we are once again without a sword,” Hector drawled, shuffling backwards and falling onto his bed with a thump, “How many more are there, anyway?”

The Inn in Brumwich was relatively small and the beds lacked the right amount of cushion. Hector grimaced at this fact, squirming amongst the sheets. After some tossing and turning, not to mention a few punches aimed at the mattress, a defeated sigh slipped from his lips.

He turned to look at his companion, fully aware of his question still hanging in the air.

Lars was not even looking at him, but was staring the ceiling down as if it had personally wronged him. Or maybe, Hector deduced, he was staring through the ceiling and up at the Gods, cursing the injustices of life.

The fact that the ceiling had done nothing but innocently cover their heads throughout the time they had been in Brumwich, he decided it was the later.

Without a second thought, he extended his arm and slapped the inside of his palm against the nightstand. The loud sound not only made Lars come back to earth, but to Hector's enjoyment, startled him quite visibly.

“Quit being emo,” Hector advised, acting like Lars was not sending a highly annoyed glare his way.

“I'm just thinking,” Lars muttered, turning his gaze back up to the ceiling. He shifted, bringing one knee up off the bed, before setting it back down in a huff. Hector grinned at this, knowing the sorcerer was just as uncomfortable on these beds as he was.

“Thinking about what?” Was Hector's response. It was a rhetorical question, really. Hector figured one would have to be mentally ill to not know what was nagging on Lars's mind. No reason not to humor him, though.

There was a silence that permeated the room, and Hector simply waited. He caught a ladybug climbing on his headboard and flicked it off. The red insect saved itself from a horrible landing by spreading its wings in midair. It flew over to the other side of the room, as if trying to distance itself from Hector as much as possible, and landed. Hector curiously watched it crawl around, wondering where it would settle, until Lars's voice cut through the silence.

“I want to talk to her about earlier.”

Hector didn't appreciate the vagueness.


“Don't play dumb,” Lars growled.

“OH, you mean the Queen of Thais! Dameon's wife! I see, I see.”

Hector observed just how many muscles could twitch in Lars's face.

“What the hell, Hector?” Lars near yelled. He watched as his best friend sat up and eyed him. The look was so condescending it made the hair on the back of Lars's head stand up.

“I'm reminding you of the facts. Lars, I would have your back in any other situation but this... you're being selfish. She has her own life, one that she chose. And now that life has been ripped to shreds and she's more vulnerable than she's ever been,” Hector spoke, lacing his fingers together.

“I know she chose it, but Hector, surely you aren't blind? She isn't happy!”

“Then why is she so devastated now that she lost what was her life?”

“People died. Right in front of her eyes! Of course she's devastated!”

“The reason she keeps looking down at that ring is not because people died,” Hector rebutted, making Lars visibly wince, “Lars, it was fine in the beginning. You messed up and kissed her, but then you backed off. You should have kept it like that and let her decide what to make of it. But no, instead, you keep plowing ahead, reaching for what you want with this twisted new-found hope because she happened to fall at your doorstep.”

“It wasn't all me,” Lars pleaded, guarded as he chose his words carefully, “She confides in me. She sought me out for what I felt. She kissed me-”

“Dameon was first. He's not available right now, so guess what?”

The words were cruel; their unsaid meaning gripping Lars's chest like a vice. The sorcerer stood, trembling with barely concealed anger, and raised his fist. Hector sat still, didn't even flinch, as he watched the fist descending upon his face.

The blow whipped his head to the side. Eyes that had closed upon contact now slid open, white splashes clouding his vision as the throbbing sensation on his cheek slowly registered in his brain. The white dots eventually dissipated amongst the tan-ness of the blanket beneath him, and Hector faintly heard the door to the room open and close.

He stayed in that position, head hanging over the bed. His cheek was screaming in aggravation, pleading for an ice pack. He just grit his teeth and let it throb.

He finally sat up when his neck began hurting. Glassy, watery eyes stared up at the spot on the ceiling Lars had been so determined to glare at earlier.

She hadn't answered him. When he told Rhen not to hurt Lars, she had changed the subject. She still wasn't sure.

As much as it hurt Lars to hear him say what he did, it would hurt so... so much worse if Rhen ran right back into Dameon's arms. Hector didn't want Lars to go into this with such high hopes when the outcome was undecided.

“Sorry,” Hector muttered into the empty room. The ladybug from before appeared, landing on the ceiling. Hector barely registered it before he could see nothing but a blurry red dot.


In the next room over, completely unaware of the tension next door, Rhen crossed her arms and set her chin atop. She was lying on her stomach, absentmindedly swinging her legs back and forth in the air behind her.

Swilly was busy making herself a small, makeshift bed on the dresser.

“Hey Swilly? Have you ever been in love?” Rhen ventured. Swilly paused in her ministrations and raised an eyebrow.

“No, I haven't.”

Rhen let out a long puff of air and buried her head in her folded arms before speaking, her voice muffled, “Well don't ever do it. It's confusing and torturous.”

Swilly snorted at the blunt reply. Contemplating, the fairy zipped over and sat on Rhen's pillow.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why did you marry Dameon?”

Rhen looked up in surprise, the question catching her off-guard. Why? There were so many reasons why...

“What exactly are you looking for? He was a charmer right from the start,” Rhen spoke, a soft smile fluttering across her lips, “He's strong, both mentally and physically. He's brilliant and he uses that mind to govern Thais in the best way possible... citizens adore him. I know, without a doubt, he would stay by my side no matter what.”

“Ok, then why did you kiss Lars?”

Rhen sat up, fast as lightning, her face a brilliant red.

“How do you know that!?” Rhen hissed frantically.

“Hector told me.”

“How does he know?!”

“Breathe, Rhen,” Swilly advised, calmly observing the uptight girl, “I think Lars told him.”

Trying to do what Swilly had told her, Rhen took a deep breath and let it back out, cheeks still dusted red. Just the thought of that kiss... well...

She didn't know what to do with herself. She couldn't bring herself to lie; she wanted to kiss him. But the implications of what that meant were the scariest things.

Rhen was fully aware of how much of a yo-yo her feelings had been lately, and a nagging part of her mind was screaming at her to get her thoughts straight. Unfortunately, there were just too many variables to take into account at the moment. Insecurity and doubt were evil things.

“Are you going to avoid the question?” Swilly goaded.

“Why are you being so persistent?” Rhen nearly whined, shifting to wrap her arms around her knees. Swilly rolled her eyes at the blatant avoidance.

“Look, think about what you just told me a couple minutes ago,” Swilly said, getting a curious look from Rhen, “With the way you just described Dameon, it seems like everything was fine with you two.”

“Yes...? It wa- is,” Rhen stressed, slumping her shoulders a bit when the weight of the situation came flying back to her by her own words.

“So why would you tell me that love is confusing and torturous?” Swilly asked, and was pleased when Rhen stiffened, “You're in love with Lars.”

“But I can't be! I can't! I'm married, I'm the queen of Thais, we hated each other!” Rhen hissed desperately, though her resolve was breaking with every defense, “We butt heads constantly. He's a brat. My destiny wasn't supposed to have him in it!”

The young queen was very much on the edge of tears. Feeling slightly guilty for bringing this on, Swilly flew up and hugged one of Rhen's hands for comfort.

“I'm sorry for bringing it up Rhen,” Swilly apologized softly, patting her hand, “But listen. Stop saying that 'you can't'. It's as simple as you do or you don't.”

Rhen's heart thumped loudly as the words brought back a memory.

“You’re right. With Swilly gone now… maybe it was jealousy after all,” Rhen answered.

“… She’s a fairy,” Lars reiterated disbelievingly. Rhen grinned, shrugging.

“Love is love.”

Lars frowned, turning away.

Her own words caused a lump to form in her throat. The Snow Queen being jealous of Swilly... just as Lars did not believe it possible, Rhen was coming up with excuse upon excuse as to why she could not love him.

Love is love.

So simple, yet it held the greatest impact in the world.

And Rhen was just hit, hard.


The next morning was unbearably silent. Even though they were all sitting around the same table, satisfying their stomachs for the day, detachment hung in the air like a cloud.

Lars brooded. He could have been eating crayons for all he cared; there was no taste. His mind was too preoccupied with the cutting words his best friend had told him the night before, as well as resentment for letting the night pass without ultimately saying a word to Rhen. He avoided eye contact with both of them.

Hector was tense, shoving food around on his plate more than he was shoving it into his mouth. A little ball he knew was guilt bounced around in his stomach. He was regretting the way he'd handled things with Lars, but didn't quite know how to smooth things over with him. There was really nothing he could say that would make things better, not when Rhen was sitting over there still not knowing what she was going to do.

Said girl had a different strategy of getting lost in her own thoughts. She had eaten her breakfast in a massive hurry, the plate now in front of her with a few measly crumbs, and settled her full attention on what was out the window. Nothing was particularity interesting out there, the view was blocked by some trees, but her eyes never wavered.

Swilly was the only one daring enough to let her eyes roam where she pleased. Of course, she was the one who played the innocent bystander in all this. She had decided to give Rhen some advice last night, but she had no idea if she had gotten through to the girl. Nibbling on bacon, she sighed, hoping they would get going soon. Surely this silence couldn't last forever.

Hector pushed his plate away. It was still half full, but he didn't have the stomach to eat it. When he looked up, he met Swilly's gaze, and stood up.

“I'm going outside for a minute,” Hector excused himself.

“I'll come with you,” Swilly volunteered, zipping over to his shoulder.

Rhen and Lars both watched them leave, but didn't voice their goodbyes. Rhen turned back toward the window, leaning her head heavily on her hand.

For the first time that morning, Lars glanced at her. She looked highly distracted, and he couldn't blame her. They were getting close to the final confrontation. And after that...

What would become of things after that?

He could almost feel his heart being tugged by the urge to talk to her. Which is why it nearly stopped beating when she talked instead.

“We'll have something for Solaris to eat, right?” Rhen asked, turning toward him.

“Yeah, I already took care of that before we started eating,” Lars responded, Rhen nodding in confirmation. Lars watched with apprehension when she bit her lip, ocean blue eyes dropping down to the table.

“Lars,” Rhen spoke his name more strongly than she felt, lacing her fingers together on the tabletop, “I c-”

The door busted open, causing the two of them to jump in their seats.

“Rhen!” Hector exclaimed, eyes wide, “You should come see this!”

The sense of urgency in his tone had Rhen out of her seat and out the door within seconds, Lars a step behind.

The entire sky was abnormally dark. What had been a black line along the horizon had grown significantly, stretching across the sky with spidery black arms.

“How did it suddenly move so fast?!” Lars asked in wonder, his eyes squinting as wind whipped against his face.

“We have to go now,” Rhen ordered, running back in the Inn to grab their stuff. The others followed close behind, confused and worried.

What had caused the sudden advance?

Hector sheathed the swords while Lars packed up their blankets and food. After tying two swords to his belt, Hector handed the other one to Lars.

Despite the rush he was in, Lars paused when the Sword of Might was pressed in his hand.

“I'll sacrifice my manliness for today,” Hector said, gesturing to the yellow and pink swords adorning his figure, “Sort of an apology for last night.”

Lars grinned, securing the sword on his own belt, before replying, “What manliness?”

Hector pursed his lips to stop a smart remark from emerging.

'Apology, apology, apology,' the word kept repeating in Hector's mind as he glared at Lars. Lars laughed, slinging a bag over his shoulder and walking out of the room. Despite the glare, Hector was relieved Lars wasn't holding a grudge against him.

The four met in the foyer, double checking everything they had before leaving Brumwich behind.

The walk to Solaris was quick and windy. The dragon was immensely pleased upon seeing them, even more so when she was fed. After her meal, they soared off into the sky, heading for the Southern Isle.

The inky blackness grew thicker as they approached the desert lands. The entire island had been cast in shadows.

Rhen didn't even want to imagine what had become of Thais.

Rhen leaned forward when something strange caught her eye. Lights... moving lights were shining their way through the darkness ahead.

“What's that?” Rhen questioned, making Lars, Hector, and Swilly aware of them. As they grew closer, shapes could be seen.

“The people of Veldt?” Lars wondered aloud.

Sure enough, a huge crowd of people were making their way across the desert and away from Veldt. Lanterns lit their way, supplies carried on their backs.

They were near running.

“Hector, go down!” Rhen exclaimed. Hector glanced back at her before maneuvering the reigns. Solaris slowly changed their course, circling downwards. The large creature apparently startled the citizens, for their was some screaming from below.

“Crap!” Hector yelled when he noticed a group of archers aiming to attack, “Don't!”

His plead was unheard. Gritting his teeth, he pulled harshly on the reigns just as the arrows were shot. Solaris made a quick left due to the jerk, but one of the arrows still managed to pierce a piece of her wing. She yelled in aggravation, snorting at the archers below.

“We don't mean you any harm, please!” Rhen shouted. The archers heard the plea this time, pausing in contemplation.

“What's going on? Why are you running away from Veldt?” Lars shouted, cursing as the wind picked up.

A woman who was carrying a baby, probably the wife of one of the archers (or maybe all of them) since she had stayed behind with them, apparently sensed no danger with the situation and answered, “The black skies are bringing miasma from the west. We were informed it would hit Veldt soon.”

Rhen grit her teeth, and then felt her heart plummet.

Miasma? About to hit Veldt? But that would mean Thais was already covered in it! How would they get there unharmed?!

“Thank you!” Lars shouted down to them before turning to Hector, “Go, now. We have to see if Veldt has a sword before this miasma hits.”

With a flap of her wings that put out some of the lanterns out below, Solaris once again took off into the sky.

“What if no one is in Veldt? It doesn't look like we'll have much time to search for a sword,” Swilly expressed her worry from Rhen's pocket. Her voice could only be heard by Rhen over the wind.

Rhen just shook her head, not sure herself.

Solaris landed just outside of Veldt's gates. The palace stood on the highest mountain, its shimmering metallic looking a dull grey. For the most part, the whole city looked deserted.

“Let's go up to the palace,” Lars suggested, softly putting a hand on Rhen's shoulder. She turned to look at him, a halfhearted smile settling on her face before she pressed on.

It was strange, seeing such a lively and colorful place so dead. Elini and John flashed through Rhen's mind. It would have been nice to run into them, though not necessarily in these circumstances.

Just as they reached the front of the palace, the front doors swung open. Rhen nearly jumped out of her skin as two people rushed out, promptly stopping upon seeing the trio.

“I thought everyone had evacuated... ah!” One exclaimed, eyes going wide after studying Rhen, “You're the queen of Thais!”

The other cringed at that fact, narrowing her gaze on the travelers before asking, “What the hell is going on over there?”

A shiver raced down Rhen's back. Their gazes imitated the hostile ones she had received in Dirkon.

“We're trying to stop whatever is going on over there!” Hector reasoned, waving a hand in the air, “Is one of the legendary swords here or not?”

Lars jabbed his elbow into Hector's side, not approving of his impatience. Hector ignored it, standing taller as if to intimidate his opponent. There was no intimidating a Veldtian woman, however. Shifting her cloth-covered items over to one arm, she reached forward with her free hand and grasped his collar tightly.

“Is that how to ask for anything, little boy?” She grated out. Hector flushed red at the insult, and sweat broke out on his brow when he felt the power of this woman seeping into his skin.

Lars and Rhen couldn't help but grin.

“Regardless of his tactless self,” Rhen tried to amend, fueling Hector's anger, “Yes, I am the queen of Thais, and we believe the only way to stop this... miasma is if we collect all of the legendary swords.”

The woman released her hold, much to Hector's relief, and glanced at her companion. The man shrugged.

After a quick glance at the blackness's source, she shrugged herself.

“Either way we could die, I guess,” she spoke, uncovering some of the cloth in her arms. There amongst blue linen, the Sword of Silence slept.

Swilly's eyes nearly bugged out of her head.

“What luck!” Swilly exclaimed happily as Rhen was handed the sword.

The Veldtian woman regarded the happy fairy with a pulled-up lip.

“You continue to celebrate while we get the hell out of here,” she said, pushing past the group and flying down the steps. The man jumped upon her sudden departure, running after her.

“That was one scary woman,” Hector remarked as they made their way down the steps.

“We told you about Veldt, Hector. The woman hold all the power here,” Rhen explained. Hectors eyes widened in realization.

“That's this place?! Where woman have like a million husbands?”

“I think a million is pushing it,” Lars responded.

“Whatever. You know what I'm talking about. No wonder I had a bad feeling about this place,” Hector said in disgust, looking to his left by pure chance and felt his throat grow dry, “... go. GO GO!”

With a force that nearly sent them flying face-first on the ground, Rhen and Lars found themselves being pushed toward.

“What the-?!” Lars managed, before the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Something was behind them...

In the next moment, Lars grabbed Rhen's arm and started running for dear life. Her feet barely managing to keep up with the pace, Rhen risked a look over her shoulder. Swilly had the same idea, zipping up to Rhen's shoulder and peeking over.

It was no longer just an indistinguishable color in the sky. A thick cloud of blackish purple poison was crawling along the land, swallowing everything within its wake.

Solaris could feel the change in the air, restlessly shuffling around, but loyally standing her ground.

“Where are we going to go?!” Hector asked quickly, heaving himself up on Solaris. He held a hand out for Rhen, which she gratefully took. Lars handed her the luggage once she was up, before quickly getting on himself.

Rhen's mind was a jumbled mess. Hector's question lingered in the air, and she had no idea what to say. If they ran away from the miasma, they would be running from the root of the problem!

Think... think!

“Head for the Wildwoods,” Lars commanded, startling her from her thoughts. Hector, hearing the familiar name, took off without a second thought, “Hug the miasma. This is going to be tight.”

“What are we doing?” Rhen asked, twisting around to face him.

“We need some sort of shelter,” Lars said out loud, pausing before leaning closer to Rhen, “Halloween Hills is the only chance we have. The gate to the Underworld is in the Wildwoods... there's a good possibility this miasma will not transfer from one world to the other with the gates closed.”

“But then what...?”

Lars frowned, shaking his head, “Don't think too far ahead. Right now we have to focus on getting to that gate.”

“Halloween Hills? Won't Hector freak out?” Swilly inquired.

“Better than dying,” Lars countered.

“What are you all whispering back there and why the hell am I out of it?” Hector yelled, glancing back at them for a moment. Rhen leaned forward, placing her hands against his back.

“There's a gate built into one of the cliffs in the Wildwoods. You know where the Hungry Boar Tavern is? We're aiming for a little south of that,” Rhen instructed, looking out over the sea. The Eastern Isle could faintly be seen ahead.

“What's there that could help us?” Hector asked. Rhen smiled sweetly.

“Trust us.”

Hector didn't look very convinced, but he proceeded regardless.

Upon reaching the outskirts of the Eastern Isle, they noticed Land's End was already completely consumed by the dark cloud.

“We don't have time to land Solaris out of the forest and walk to the gate. We'll have to take her as low as she can go and jump off!” Lars reasoned. Solaris seemed rather opposed to the idea. She was already restless because of the massive amount of energy to her right, that she did not feel up to trying to skim the tops of the trees.

“Come on!” Hector exclaimed, pulling on the reigns. Solaris growled, irritated, but drew closer to the ground.

“There!” Rhen shouted when she saw the gate. Hector's eyebrows furrowed as he studied the doorway. It seemed familiar, but he couldn't quite place it.

Solaris stopped just out of the gate. Lars swung his leg over and jumped off. When his feet touched the ground, he stumbled, propelled forward by gravity. His knees hit the dirt and it took a moment for him to collect himself before looking up.

“Drop the supplies!” He shouted. Rhen, one by one, let the sacks fall into Lar's hold before jumping down herself.

“Thanks Solaris,” Hector whispered tenderly, patting the dragon's neck, “Take off!”

With that last command, Solaris took off into the air just as Hector harshly hit the ground.

The miasma was barely brushing their feet.

“Go inside!” Lars yelled. They all rushed toward the gate and ran inside.

There was a sudden flash of swirling black, blues, and purples. In the next moment, they stood looking at a darkened landscape filled with dead, twisting trees. A bat flew over their heads, read eyes leering at them curiously.

Rhen spun around, looking at the gate they had just passed through. It looked undisturbed.

“You were right!” Rhen exclaimed in barely self-contained delight, hugging Lars from the side. Lars grinned triumpantly. Swilly laughed, flying out of Rhen's pocket and joined the hug.

One member of the group, however, stood perfectly still.

“.... where are we?” Hector asked. Deep, deep inside, he already knew.

Rhen pulled back from the hug, smirking at the devastated look Hector had on his face.

“We're in the Underworld!” Swilly confirmed.

Lars and Rhen moved fast, just barely managing to grab the fleeing Hector, who set his gaze on the gate.

“Let me GO!” Hector exclaimed, squirming and jerking within their hold. Lars and Rhen had to hold in their laughter.

“You'll die out there, idiot!” Rhen exclaimed.

“I'll die HERE. Some vampire is gonna suck my blood and it'll be slow and painful and if I go out there, it'll be quick and I won't have to suffer!” Hector rambled, not in the right mind to consider how painful it would be to die by breathing in poison.

Laughter finally broke from Lars's lips. Swilly put a finger to her chin, thinking.

“Speaking of vampires, do we even have any garlic?” Swilly asked.

The struggling trio suddenly grew still. Lars and Rhen looked at each other with wide eyes, as if the thought just came to their minds.

Hector promptly fainted.


Oh Hector. XD So, our heroes are now in the Underworld! .. without garlic O_o Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Posted on: 2010/6/4 16:29
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD - UPDATED 06/04 #219
Offline   sana96
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You bet I did! This was zomg funny! Those confused thoughts between Lars and Rhen sorta got me confused too I LOVED that last line Awesome job! Please update when ever you can! <3

Posted on: 2010/6/5 10:50

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD - UPDATED 06/04 #220
Offline   azureXtwilight
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Wow! TRULY awesome! Update, please!

Posted on: 2010/6/6 8:19
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Fantasia 3

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