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FAQ - Game questions _CHAPTER 1 #1
Offline   tiniponi
  Dragon Lords
gold   2616 Gold
Level : 43
EXP : 8
HP : 210 / 1052
MP : 1002 / 21175

** GAME FAQ **
Aveyond 3, Lord of Twilight (AKA Chapter 1)


Due to the massive number of questions and answers presented here, using Ctrl-F to bring up a search text box can be very useful. You can do this in a couple ways, depending on your search criteria.

1. Cut-and-paste or type one keyword into the textbox, and press Enter. For example, if you want to know something about gowns, just type in ‘gown’ (no quotes, though), then press Enter. You can then use that to go through each place in the FAQs in which ‘gown’ appears, to find your answer more easily. NOTE: keywords must be at least 4 letters long.

2. Conversely, if you want to see the questions for an area or don’t know what keyword to use, you can use the Table of Contents below (NOT MADE YET … I will add it after I rearrange everything). Simply find the area in which you want information, then cut-and-paste the letters in the brackets into the textbox and enter. That will take you to the beginning of that particular section.

(NOTE: Technical Issue FAQ is HERE.)


[ ATRC ] Attraction points

[ AVND ] Aveyond area

[ GHLD ] Gheledon Area (Gheledon, Dwarf Mines, Naylith Summit, Thial Mountains north)

[ GNRL ] Questions in no other category

[ HRBG ] Harburg area (Harburg, Darkthrop Keep, Shadow Woods north & south, Catacombs, Thial Mountains, Thial Mountain Caves)

[ ITMS ] Items (equipment, found items, etc)

[ PRTY ] Party members, Skills, Equipment, etc

[ QUNF ] Quin Forest area (Istir Forest, Ice Caverns, Quin Castle)

[ QSTS ] Quests, sub-quests

[ STRM ] Stormbend area (Stormbend, Sinoa Plains, Mire Woods, Witchwood, Spider Den)

[ THAS ] Thais area (Thais, Brightwood Forest, Chateau Lenore, Moo Hatchery, Ruins, Red Rock Pass)

[ UNDW ] Underworld area (Ghed’ahre, Wurm Forest east & west, Cliffs
of Remembrance, Memory Caves

[ ATRC ] Attraction Points
Q: How many attraction points do the girls need to be engaged to Edward?
A: 7 for Mel, 4 for Stella, 0 for Lydia. (NOTE: you can’t get them all in chapter 1)

Q: Is it possible to LOSE attraction points?
A: Not in Chapter 1.

Q: What happens if Edward gives the flowers to himself?
A: you lose 10 coins, and no one gets the attraction points.

Q: Where can I get Attraction Points?
A: Talk to EVERYONE in every location. The people who give Attraction points are scattered around many towns. By talking to everyone, you not only find the attraction points, you learn many useful things, some important to the game … for instance, where the Catacombs are, where the Spider Cave is, who has information you need, where to go next, etc.
• Gheledon - love sonnet (by junk shop)
• Stormbend - flowers (by item shops)

(NOTE: More are available in Chapter Two.)

[ AVND ]
Q: How can I reach Aveyond?
A: Through a portal in the Istir Forest

[ GHLD ]
Q: Why doesn’t the Gheledon Intelligence Agency test accept my two matching items?
A: Your two items aren’t IDENTICAL. There are many very similar items which almost match, but the items must match EXACTLY. There are many rooms from which to obtain items … keep looking until you find those which match in every way. You will need to find an identical set for each empty table in the first test room.

Q: Where is Naylith Summit?
A: You get to it from Thial Mountains North AFTER going through Gheledon.

Q: How can I get the Golden Egg in Wert’s house?
A: Wait until Aveyond: Gates of Night) and you can do something for Wert that will allow you to obtain the Golden Egg.

[ GNRL ]
Q: Why does Witcheye Root not remove my 'Cursed' status?
A: You have a cursed ARMOR item equipped. If you have a cursed armor item (Armor, Helmet, Shield, etc) equipped, nothing can remove the curse. (NOTE: This does NOT include cursed WEAPONS.) Simply remove the cursed item, and you’ll no longer be cursed. HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILER: Some of us always carry a cursed armor item so we can remove curses without using Witcheye. When you become cursed, simply Equip then Unequip the cursed armor, and your curse will be gone.That way we can save our Witcheye Root for use during battles.)

Q: Are there any goodies available for Aveyond 3?
A: Yes, but not as downloads ... they’re built into the game.

Q: What should I do with the special eggs (Bomber, Spider, Easter) I find?
A: Hatch them in Moo Hatchery. Return from time to time to collect the eggs the newly-created creatures lay. They can be used to blow up boarded-up caves, in battle, or to sell for gold coins.

Q: How can I enter the boarded-up caves?
A: Use a Bomber Bird Egg on them.

Q: Where are there boarded-up caves?
- Darkthrop Keep
- Istir Forest
- Cliffs of Remembrance
(Note: there are more in chapter 2)

Q: Is there anything important to the game in the boarded-up caves?
A: No. They just contain treasure.

Q: Is there any reason to make donations at the statues?
A: Only if you want your luck to increase. Luck increases your chances of evading attacks, as well as your chances of getting the best loot from corpses.

Q: Where can I find the special eggs to Hatch?
A: - Bomber Bird Egg - Sinoa Plains
- Spider – Witchwood after subquest
- Easter – Aveyond

Q: What am I supposed to do after getting Te’ijal & Galahad from Harburg?
A: Head to Red Rock Pass, then on to Stormbend.

Q: How can I dig up the dirt piles?
A: You can’t dig them up until you receive a spade in chapter 2.

[ HRBG ]
Q: Where can I find wood?
A: In the small room in city walls, just east of the house.

Q: Where's the flint?
A: In the room in which you need to use it … look for a sparkle.

Q: How can I enter the Darkthrop Keep room with the two rats and a chest?
A: Later in the game, you will find a switch that controls a second set of spiles. Once they’re lowered, you can blow up the boarded up entrance (requires a bomber bird egg) and enter another room. In that room, there is a switch which opens the grate/door to that room.

Q: How can I open the blue chest in the Catacombs?
A: Requires a Treasure Key, found in Chapter 2. (The item in the chest can only be used in Chapter 2.)

Q: Will our levels, equipment, items, etc, transfer over to Aveyond: Gates of Night (AKA Book 2 or Chapter 2)?
A: Yes, but ONLY if you complete Lord of Twilight and save for Gates of Night when prompted.

Q: Will I be able to play Aveyond:Gates of Night without completing, or even starting, Aveyond: Lord of Twilight?
A: Yes It can be played either as a continuation of Lord of Twilight, or as a stand-alone.

Q: If I play Aveyond: Gates of Night without having completed Aveyond: Lord of Twilight, will I start at level 1?
A: Plans are to determine a good starting level and needed equipment for those starting fresh.

[ ITMS ]
Q: What are the Fire, Lightning, Ice, etc, rings for?
A: Use them in battle to cast spells.

Q: What is the order of the gems for Excalibur, from weakest to strongest?
A: - Topaz
- Sapphire
- Ice Diamond (Excalibur Sapphire in fountain)
(NOTE: More are available in Chapter Two.)

Q: Is Excalibur the best weapon for Edward overall or are there times when I should replace it temporarily? It seems rather weak... and I see a +24 weapon for him in a shop.
A: Excalibur is definitely his best weapon when you have the best gem in its hilt. However, you could try other weapons and see how they go. (Some of the gems offer an element attack, so the sword might be quite more effective on some monsters than on others. This might offset the extra provided by the other weapons.) Edward can only equip two non-Excalibur swords. The Long Sword will do until you get Excalibur Sapphire

Q: Can I get a new egg if I use an egg without hatching it?
A: No. You can choose to use it without hatching it, OR hatch it to get more eggs throughout the game. Hatching the eggs is totally optional.

Q: Is the Broach useful?
A: Only if you want to do a sidequest involving two long-parted lovers.

Q: What does the Easter Egg do?
A: It’s effects are random. Using the Easter Egg will do one of the 5 following actions ("entire party" does not include dead members):
- fill entire party's HP
- fill entire party's SP
- fill entire party's HP AND SP and remove all ailments
- remove all ailments
- CURSE the party

Q: Where can I find Thor?
A: Ghed’ahre – after winning Marcello’s game (requires having at least 100,000 coins and answering 10 questions correctly. (If you answer one incorrectly, you will lose ALL your money, so be sure to save.)

[ PRTY ]
Q: What is the highest level we can reach?
A: Presently, level 99

Q: How often does Stella learn a spell?
A: Stella will learn a spell every one or two levels as she progresses through the game. However, her final spell has a 4-level gap after the previous one.

Q: What skills can I learn and where?
A: - Climbing - Gheledon
- Ice Skating – Stormbend
(Note: more will be available in Chapter Two)

[ QUNF ]
How can I wake Beauty?
A: This requires several steps:
• Locate an ice princess
• Talk to reporter
• Talk to a nasty witch
• Find eyedrops and help a blind dude running around the plains.
• Visit the ice princess again.

[ QSTS ]
Q: In what order should I get the Quarter Keys?
A: In chapter 1, you can only find the first one.

Q: How can I get the first key?
A: Wake Beauty in Istir Forest’s Quin Castle

Q: Where's Hanna?
A: In Thais (Beggar woman)

Q: Where’s Lord Burnaby?
A: Harburg (house in northeast corner of town)

Q: What are the Book 1 sidequests?
A: as follows:
- Find & rescue Rowf (Thais, Brightwood Forest)
- Deliver wine (various towns)
- Provide fire & food for Lord Burnaby
- Reunite Lord Burnaby & Hanna (Harburg, Thais)
- Return Mork’s pickaxe to him (Gheledon, Dwarf Mines)
- Bring Willette her milk pail (Moo Hatchery, Thais)
- Find family item for Ralph (Harburg, Catacombs)
- Bring Gretchen a Spider nest (Witchwood, Spider Den)
- Restore Gladamere’s lost soul (Ghed’ahre)
- Hatch & gather special eggs
- Read bookcases to start preparing for Marcello’s game in Aveyond: Gates of Night (various places)
- Many other quests may seem like sidequests, but are actually part of a major quest.

Q: To whom am I supposed to deliver wine for Fedor?
A: as follows:
- Lord Rupert - Thais
- Petra – Gheledon
- Fritz – Harburg
- Drew – Stormbend

Q: Are there any quests/subquests we can’t finish in GoN?
A: Yes. Quests that you cannot complete in chapter 2 are as follows:

- Lord Burnaby & Hanna
- Tad & Rowf
- Pickaxe
- Willette's milk pail
- Gladamere's soul
- Gretchen's spiders

[ STRM ]
Q: Why can’t drive the canoe ?
A: The canoe automatically takes you every place you need to go with it.

Q: Where can I find a spider nest for Gretchen?
A: Talk to everyone in Witchwood. One of them will tell you where a Spider Cave is located.

Q: How can I solve Stormbend’s Pirate problem?
A: This will be done close to the start of Aveyond: Gates of Night.

[ THAS ]
Q: What eggs can you hatch, and how often do the pets lay?
A: Spider, Bomber Bird, Easter. (NOTE: more will be available in chapter 2)
All pets in chapter 1 lay eggs every 15 minutes of actual game time.
The time begins when you hatch the egg into a pet, and again when you collect an egg from the nest.
NOTE: ‘Actual game time’ means the game must be running (without a menu open), and not in battle. The game window MUST be the active window.

Q: Where can I find Rowf?
A: in Brightwood Forest, in the clearing just northeast of Moo Hatchery.

Q: Why doesn’t the door open when I have the Merchant Pass?
A: You’re not using it at the correct spot. Click the slot to the right of the door, NOT the door itself.

[ UNDW ]
Q: What is the password to get out of the Underworld?
A: It varies between games. You will need to obtain it yourself in Ghed’ahre.

Q: What are the possible passwords? I forgot what Viviane told me.
A: - BAT

Q: Where is the Death Certificate?
A: It is only available in Book 2 (AKA Chapter 2).

Posted on: 2009/4/23 10:09
Come visit me at my Rainbow Dragon & Horse Farm

Re: FAQ - Game questions _CHAPTER 1 #2
Offline   shaz
gold   11568 Gold
Level : 69
EXP : 3
HP : 1700 / 1700
MP : 4029 / 34234
Please do not post questions in this topic.

Create a new topic for your "how do I...?" questions.

If any occur frequently enough, a mod will post them here, and Tiniponi will add them to the "master list".

Posted on: 2009/6/5 1:51
While no trees were harmed in the transmission of this message,
thousands of pixels were inconvenienced.

Re: FAQ - Game questions _CHAPTER 1 #3
Offline   tiniponi
  Dragon Lords
gold   2616 Gold
Level : 43
EXP : 8
HP : 210 / 1052
MP : 1002 / 21175
** added quests that can't be completed after Lord of Twilight **

Posted on: 2009/6/21 10:10
Come visit me at my Rainbow Dragon & Horse Farm

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