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Awkward moments #1
Offline   Ryo-Kun
gold   1443 Gold
Level : 27
EXP : 14
HP : 0 / 653
MP : 309 / 11765
We all have awkward moments, righ?

Ok, so Ryo has a LOT of awkward moments that he causes... but for now, Ryo'll only talk about awkward moments he's experienced that were caused by other people.


So today while we were taking a test today in English class, it was completely silent except for the sound of pencils scribbling words onto the test paper. Suddenly, the class next door erupts into one of their many loud discussions. (By the way, the walls in the up-stairs classrooms have reeeeeeaaaaaally thin walls.) And oddly enough, this specific conversation was about um... *is unsure if he's allowed to use the term for old people who... "love" little children on here owo * And anyway, as awkward as that was, it got even awkwarder when the teacher next door said, "If someone did that to my child, I'd find the guy and shoot him." and Ryo's entire class is like "O.o... what... the.... helium?"

So yeah... awkward~...


When we were taking our mid-terms for English class, the class next door were once again... talking. Anyway, for the most part it was fine, however, when the teacher next door YELLS, "Cut the Cr**!!" It just became soooo awkward... ._.


One day in ENGLISH class (yes, THAT class again) we were, yet again, taking a test. Anyway, during the middle of the class, the class next door (big surprise) decides to watch a movie... in a foreign language... so we're sitting there and all of a sudden, we hear this middle-aged guy screaming in some random language. (O.o) and then our teacher commented saying "This is the part where they're stoning someone to death in the movie." (O.o)


Same as awkward situation three only they were watching a different movie and we heard thunder, and angry mob, a woman screaming her head off, and a train whistle. Owo

Anyone else have any awkward situations they'd like to share? >w>

Posted on: 2010/1/26 19:09

Rendezvous!? Re-Re-Rendezvous?

Re: Awkward moments #2
Offline   Brycej
gold   979 Gold
Level : 27
EXP : 63
HP : 0 / 665
MP : 323 / 13401
Wow... it sounds like you need to enroll in the class next door... they're having all kinds of fun!

Posted on: 2010/1/26 22:05

Re: Awkward moments #3
Offline   grim_gryphon
gold   30 Gold
Level : 4
EXP : 22
HP : 0 / 80
MP : 10 / 1324
I, also have had quite a few awkward moments. But I'll only post one and use numbers rather than names because I love my friends, no matter what kind of situations they put me into.

So, sometime when I was in Germany on my ambassadorial People to People trip, I came to breakfast a little bit early, and my friend who I usually eat with and sit on the coach with, was not there yet. (Her number will be 24). So I sat down at an empty table, wich had six seats at it. After a few moments, 9 comes and sits down accross from me, and we start a conversation. It doesn't take long for 12 to come and sit down next to 9. (Those two were really good friends). He watches the two of us talking for a while, and soon 24 sits next to me. The conversation carries on, and after awhile, out of nowhere, 12 blurts "Hey, grim_gryphon*! 9 likes you!" And I thought 'oh for Thor's sake, he's right accross from me!' THAT was awkward. I did not know what the heck to say, and it seemed as if there were a whole audience.

Sorry, I know I take a really long time to tell a short story, but I don't know how to do it any other way. It's probably my writer side.

*he used my real name, not grim_gryphon

Posted on: 2010/1/26 22:37
"Eat or be eaten, they say. Not very encouraging words. And not very acurate, either. For I discovered early in life that it is completely possible to eat a lovely, delicious meal, and then, when it's time for desert, to get eaten."

Re: Awkward moments #4
Offline   Valkyriet
gold   2634 Gold
Level : 36
EXP : 53
HP : 177 / 888
MP : 646 / 14156
I had this really awkward and embarrassing moment when I was in the canteen and had separated from my group to go buy something for us all.It had been raining and the ground was kinda slippery.There was one special part which was too slippery and just as I was walking back,I slipped and landed straight on my bum
god,dint it hurt not to mention my skirt went from green to brown and I had difficulty pulling myself up cuz I had food in both my hands

Posted on: 2010/1/27 3:45

I am going to ride my multi-colored penguin to Never Never Land while it dances to Hip-Hop and poops magical pixie glitter

Re: Awkward moments #5
Offline   gabriela
gold   352 Gold
Level : 17
EXP : 44
HP : 0 / 411
MP : 116 / 8257
i had this awkward situation when i was taking an admission exam.

the exam was going to start and the proctor was like, put your bags here in the front--you can only keep pencils, erasers, ballpens and a sharpener.

i went to the front, put down my bag and stepped backwards, knocking a metal figurine of Jesus into the (also metal) table next to it. an awful clash followed. and everyone was looking at me!

even worse was that the figurine's halo came off...^_^" and the proctor had to put it back because i was too mortified to move XD

Posted on: 2010/1/27 9:09
Blindly rejecting what is mainstream is just as stupid as blindly following what is mainstream.

Re: Awkward moments #6
Offline   Chimikoi
gold   72 Gold
Level : 6
EXP : 55
HP : 0 / 138
MP : 19 / 2211
Well, once I fell down the stairs in front of the guy I like. I didn't notice him standing there, so I laughed like crazy. When I finally noticed him I stopped laughing, got up and walked away. xD

Posted on: 2010/1/27 13:51
/Mrs Pendragon (married to Nicolas Pendragon) ; )

Re: Awkward moments #7
Offline   kitkat
gold   609 Gold
Level : 17
EXP : 60
HP : 0 / 415
MP : 118 / 8294
GAHH!!!! mine arent this bad lol but i have some~!

In chem/Phys, the class was taking a test and two people were having a VERY serious conversation by the door, and since it was so quite we heard every word.(they broke up T^T)

And someones friend walked up to me and asked if i liked them... when my sister and her friend were sitting in the swings... >.< VERY AWKWARD MOMENT. It was bad. and i feel pretty bad, because i just backed away slowly.

Posted on: 2010/1/28 22:47

Ikuto or Momiji? ....*runs away* .... the world may never know...

Re: Awkward moments #8
Offline   Tei
  Witches and Warlocks
gold   1880 Gold
Level : 33
EXP : 10
HP : 160 / 802
MP : 502 / 16139 of...accidentally flung my glasses at the boy i like XD

i was sitting at the computers in the library, and he was on my left and my friend was on my right. i was arguing with my friend, i shook my head really hard, and my glasses went flying off and hit the boy i like squarely in the arm XD he just kind of looked at me and went, "um...these yours?" and i'm going "^^;;;;;;;; i'm going to kill you, ZB..."

...and again with that same friend and that same boy i like, i was taking the SATs a week ago (was it really only a week? O.o) i was sitting behind him the whole four hours, and said friend comes up to me and goes "so--you going to be too distracted to take this test?" and agian with the "i'm going to kill you, ZB!" given that said boy i like probably heard every word...XD

(and oy, kitkat, ikuto all the way )

Posted on: 2010/1/29 18:50

Re: Awkward moments #9
Offline   KTC
  The Brotherhood
gold   7518 Gold
Level : 59
EXP : 48
HP : 877 / 1462
MP : 2538 / 29420
any of these moments *shudders*

and no, not going into detail.

Posted on: 2010/2/5 5:10

Teijal's Toy

Re: Awkward moments #10
Offline   Valkyriet
gold   2634 Gold
Level : 36
EXP : 53
HP : 177 / 888
MP : 646 / 14156
god,KTC,that was one extraordinary pic

Posted on: 2010/2/5 5:16

I am going to ride my multi-colored penguin to Never Never Land while it dances to Hip-Hop and poops magical pixie glitter

Re: Awkward moments #11
Offline   dad0303
gold   128 Gold
Level : 9
EXP : 96
HP : 0 / 224
MP : 40 / 3255
Yea, well heres an awkard siotoin
I'm at resus doing my usaul thing, reading a book, when this boy i thought was cute came over and took up his book and started reading. Ok, then the girl who thinks i am such an easy target to make fun of comes up and says " hey lisa don't you LOVE *the boy*." Then she lined up cause it was time to go and he asked me do you love me so i did something that was realy bad. i barked at him and ran to the line with my book.
That was in 4TH gradeT.T i'm such a social clutz.
please excuese my mistakes and i'll post more soon.

Posted on: 2010/2/8 17:49
: ( bye bye

Re: Awkward moments #12
Offline   Aeternus
  Dragon Lords
gold   1442 Gold
Level : 32
EXP : 15
HP : 155 / 778
MP : 467 / 15673
Ergh...I have awkward moments...plenty of them! But most of them are not suitable for Amaranthia discussion :X

One really embarrassing time that's rated G, though, is when a friend and I arrived late to our pharmacology class. She spotted her friends on one side of the lecture hall while I spotted my friends on the other, so we split up. I was making my way up the stairs to join my friends when I realized I would have to squeeze past the prof who likes to roam around the stairs as well as in front of the class. Unfortunately, that day my backpack was very full and very big. I also had my cute umbrella (it had a duck head on the end!) sticking out from my bag.

Unfortunately, my prof definitely noticed me as I attempted to scoot past him. And unfortunately, he noticed my umbrella. In front of the WHOLE class (which numbered at least 200 people, if not more), he stopped his lecture to marvel at my umbrella and how cute it was >.> I couldn't even sit down because he had removed my umbrella from my bag in order to get a look at it, so I had to stand there until he was done....

Posted on: 2010/2/8 19:57

Re: Awkward moments #13
Offline   dad0303
gold   128 Gold
Level : 9
EXP : 96
HP : 0 / 224
MP : 40 / 3255
ohhh. sorry. thats as bad when i licked this cute boy. umm i hope he won't read it but i wish i didn't go to that camp.

Posted on: 2010/2/12 14:07
: ( bye bye

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