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Faux Soul / Night Sky / Shattered Ties #1
Offline   Kirroha
gold   2970 Gold
Level : 43
EXP : 66
HP : 213 / 1066
MP : 1040 / 21435
I have many strange story ideas most of the time, and I've always wanted to make them into games, but I don't have any software for doing so. So perhaps I can just write down a story script or some sort, but I might need someone to help program the game for me. RPG Maker XP should be the best game program for these ideas now, but my computer can't run it. So I wonder if anyone's interested in helping me with this, since I can't really do anything much by myself. ^^;

Anyway, currently I have a few ideas, but I'll just post the first 2 here for now. Jeea volunteered to help me, but he hasn't replied since I last gave him the ideas for the story. I've sketched out some of the characters as well, I'll take a photo and post it here later.

I've already had the stories roughly planned out, but you're more than welcome to volunteer to help with the story as well. I hope to make all three stories into games, but it might be a little hard...

Anyway, I'll post the ideas here, and you can post in this thread if you're interested in helping.

Currently, I badly need a game programmer and eventer, but the more the merrier - you can volunteer for just anything you like. And of course, also tell me which idea you like the most if you want to help me make the game. We'll just start off with one of them, I guess.

Story #1: Faux Soul

There is a race known as the Darklings, called so as they are strongly believed to be demon incarnates. They all have completely reddish eyes, thus are very easy to identify, and kill with speed so fast that it can just drive a hole in their victim's bodies, however blunt the item might be. They were called "Darklings" by the general public since they are all emotionless, unable to feel empathy or love or human emotions, and most of all - have embedded in their DNA the huge urge to murder and kill anyone they could, especially humans. Thus, when things went out of hand, a group of magic wielders (however, they are not magic wielders in the general sense - each of them only possess a tiny, very tiny crystal of magic in their bodies when they were born, and the magic can be very easily used up - the more you use, the shorter your lifespan, and you die when the crystal is removed or the magic is gone) massacred the whole clan, and chased after a little girl with no name. The little girl emotionlessly, bloodily killed many of them with just her hand, but was eventually outnumbered, thus she had to flee. At a dead end, she met a short figure in a cloak very close to her height, who injected her with a drug that added a new, technically made soul into her mind that only had one purpose - to act like a human, and to protect the girl at all costs. And before leaving, the figure lifted off his hood, showing a young boy a few years older than her, and gave her the name April Kyrer.

The faux soul did exactly as she was told. When she was the dominant personality in April's mind, her eyes turn into normal green human eyes, and her personality was cheerful and very bubbly. This greatly annoyed April Kyrer, who would often reduce the faux soul to tears by hitting her with sharp words. But the Faux Soul did exactly as she was programmed to do. She tried her best to repress the real April from dominating her own body, as that will result in her easy capture and much, much bloodshed.

But the faux soul wasn't very strong - April could very easily take back the control that was rightfully hers whenever she wants. But the curious thing is that as much as April said that the faux soul annoyed her by acting as such an idiot in her body, she never tried to take over her own self once more, perhaps because inwardly, she didn't want to be caught and killed, either.

Then something happened. April was accepted into an extremely prestigious school for absolutely no reason, together with only about fifty other pupils in the nation. And then, just a few days into orientation, when everyone was extremely happy - a disaster happened. It killed everyone, but April escaped. The faux soul was horribly shocked with sadness as all her best friends and the boy she likes - all killed. As she was lamenting about everything, April noticed that the disaster was not indeed an accident - it was an attempt on her own life, using all the other bodies to cover it up. And the one behind this is none other than the Headmaster's son, who actually all along had control over his father. He was actually a magic wielder - a magic wielder who had been killing other magic wielders to take their magic crystals to strengthen his own.

And he was actually that cloaked figure who saved her many, many years ago - the one who saved her back then just because he wanted to kill her now.

Story #2: Night Sky

Year 1937 - The Japanese invaded China, and invaded the province of Nanjing. The Nanjing massacre took place, and many were killed. To watch her parents die so brutally in front of her - it was a horrible sight. It twisted Li Ye Kong's mind completely - As she stared at the blood in utmost horror, she felt so hollow. Then the hollowness became sheer anger. And then, the 9-year-old girl made a blood oath - "Father, Mother - I'll kill those rotten Japanese!"

She survived the attack after her parents lost their lives trying to save her, hiding her with hay in a boat and letting the boat go downstream, where she was found by a group of nuns and brought to an orphan refugee camp.

Year 1938 - It was over. 10 years old now, but not forgetting her spite. But what could Ye Kong do? Being a homeless vagabond Chinese girl on the streets... she can barely keep her own life, let alone seek revenge.

And meanwhile, in a fabulous house - Japanese Commander Maki and his two children, Maki Yorusora and his sister Maki Yoruko, are having their meals.

Maki Yoruko was a sweet, slightly spoilt but very bubbly and cute, innocent girl. She didn't know what war was like. And she didn't know what would happen to her - just because she was a Japanese.

Ye Kong was miraculously taken in by a small Japanese restaurant where she worked as a child singer to get food. Reason? She looked just like the commander's daughter, Yoruko. She would provide good entertainment, even though she's a Chinese girl...

And they crossed paths. Being a newly created restaurant in the city of Nanjing, the commander's teenage son came with her little sister to collect taxes. And Ye Kong invited them in... her eyes still cold and spiteful as ever.

Then her eyes glinted. She spotted a better chance for revenge she'd ever have gotten. Yorusora was supposed to send his little sister to school, but he still had a few documents for the restaurant owner to sign, and Yoruko was about to be late. She said that she would go alone. "After all, I'm a big girl now, right?"

Li Ye Kong slipped out of the back door. She saw her chance. She ambushed Yoruko - and took her away.

She hadn't meant to kill her back then - but she was later driven to do so, by none other than Yoruko's own older brother.

Story #3: Shattered Ties

I can't really summarize this story, because this is one that has the most twists and turns and will just be confusing. But I did put something about it in the Hungry Boar Tavern, so you can go read it. Basically, it's about a 19-year-old young master who thinks he's the Chosen One because of some ridiculous incident, his very Alicia-ish princess girlfriend, a young, very weak mage whom everybody despises who's perhaps more dangerous than ever, a young lord who is extremely quiet most of the time, and a powerful lady mage who was mysteriously killed by a dagger to the back that came from nowhere.

Anyway, those are the ideas. I have to go now, I'll post the basic pictures later.

Posted on: 2009/8/4 22:08

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