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Rush - RxL/RxD - UPDATED AUG 30, 2010 #1
Offline   KikoAyumi
gold   557 Gold
Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9125

Pairing: LarsxRhen DameonxRhen (OMG Did I really just put that?!)
Rating: T (in other words, PG13)
Warnings: Offensive language, angst, and some mature situations. I will definitely warn beforehand.
Planned Length: Long. I’m going for a novel with this one.
Updates: Absolutely random. I don’t have much time to sit and write any longer, so I can’t promise anything.

NOTES: This takes place nearly two years after the end of Aveyond, when Rhen decided to become Queen and wed Dameon.


The black steed flew up and over the berry bushes gracefully, his muscles tightening upon the ground’s impact. His passenger laughed merrily, leaning forward and flinging her arms around the horse’s neck in a loving hug.

“Ready to go again?” Rhen asked the animal excitedly, rising back into position before taking hold of the reins.

“I agreed to a quick horseback ride,” a voice spoke, inducing Rhen to turn and face her red-haired companion, “Not watch you two jump over bushes and hedges all day.”

Rhen stuck out her lower lip in what she hoped to be a convincing pout.

“But Mayonaka has to train or he’ll never be able to jump the hedge in the west garden!” Rhen tried to reason, lightly bumping Mayonaka’s sides to get him moving.

Talia merely frowned.

“That hedge is eight feet high. You shouldn’t even be jumping over these little bushes! What if you were knocked off?” Talia chastised, watching Rhen take position for another jump.

“I have total confidence in Mayonaka here,” Rhen spoke, patting said horse’s neck. As if to answer her, Mayonaka snorted in agreement, before Rhen flicked the reigns. After a short but quick take off, the bush was once again cleared.

Talia sighed, knowing she would get nowhere with the current topic.

“Well you’ll have to train at a later time,” Talia gave in, grabbing hold of her own horse’s reigns, “We have to get you back to the castle. The Druids will be arriving soon and you must prepare.”

Rhen immediately scowled.

“I still don’t see why we have to have this elaborate party.”

“It’s your nineteenth birthday! Of course a ball is expected of the Queen,” Talia responded.

“But they’re boring! You just plaster on a fake smile, greet everyone in a sugar-sweet voice, and, worst of all, do so while desperately searching for oxygen when trapped in one of those complicated, attention-grabbing poofs of a gown!

Talia couldn’t help but laugh at the young woman’s rant.

“Unbelievable. You’ve been the Queen of Thais for a little less than two years,” Talia began, shaking her head back and forth in disbelief, “and yet you still complain about these petty little things.”

“Hardly petty,” Rhen grumbled, resigning to her fate and guiding her horse in the direction of the castle.

A rueful smile appeared on Talia’s lips, but those lips did not open. She didn’t wish to get the young queen riled up before her birthday celebration.

And it was a good decision, for Rhen was incredibly grateful for the following silence.

This topic frustrated her to no end. No matter how hard she tried to adjust to the ritzy lifestyle, it never really clicked. She was so sure she would get used to the socials, the dresses, the whole… formal-ness of it all, especially after nearly two long years!

But something always seemed to be missing.

It wasn’t that she hated it; not at all! She loved her kingdom and adored her citizens… but, somehow she knew if she didn’t have Talis beside her, helping her through…

If she didn’t have Dameon…

Oh, Dameon had most definitely helped her the most. He knew how to act properly, he knew the basics of running a kingdom, and he knew her. It was really great to have a true friend by your side.

A lover.

A husband.

Rhen glanced down at the golden band wrapped around her finger with a warm smile, and immediately shook her head in an attempt to get all those negative thoughts out of her hand. She had everything a person could ever want; she shouldn’t complain, least she turn into one of the many snobby nobles who were never satisfied with anything.

… Surely that wasn’t what was becoming of her…

She scoffed.

She would never stoop that low.

The back of the castle was in clear view now, and Rhen was mildly surprised to see the flags had already been raised. Didn’t that mean…

“Oh my- they’ve already arrived?!” Talia exclaimed from behind her, confirming her thought, “Take Mayonaka and Hiruma back to the stables! I’ll go draw a bath for you!”

Within seconds, Talia had jumped off her horse and was promptly pulling Rhen off her own.

“Calm down!” Rhen pleaded, watching the flustered woman run toward the castle. She was left unanswered.

Rhen sighed, tugging her two companions along with her on the way to the stables.

And taking her sweet time in doing so.

‘It’s just a stupid ball!’ Rhen thought irritably.

The horses nuzzled her good-bye and she made sure the stalls were locked tightly before crossing the sun kissed grass of the back lawn to reach the back doors of the castle. She opened the doors, but did not yet go in as a thought hit her.

She turned around and scanned the area with a puzzled gaze.

Where were the guards?

‘Even the guards are probably asked to attend.’ Rhen thought, rolling her eyes, though she was still confused. If anything, she thought the guard would be increased today.

Shrugging, she made her way into the castle.

The soft clopping of her shoes was the only sound running down the empty hallways, and it was making Rhen anxious. There was still not a guard in sight.

‘Oh God… they better not jump out yelling SURPRISE or anything,’ Rhen thought, looking down at herself with a frown, ‘I’m hardly presentable. Talia wouldn’t even let them do something of the sort while I was dressed down.’

She halted when her ears caught the sound of hurried footsteps growing near. Talia flew around the corner, eyes wide in panic upon catching her own.


“You have to go!” Talia exclaimed, giving no further explanation before grabbing Rhen’s arm and dragging her down the hallway. Rhen helplessly followed, frightened by the sudden attitude.

“Talia?! What’s wrong?!” Rhen asked, trying to ignore the pain of Talia’s fingernails digging into the soft skin of her arm. They would surely leave marks.

“Something’s wrong… they aren’t acting right,” Talia spoke, her own words faltering.

“Who?!” Rhen yelled, frustration lining her confusion.

Talia yanked the door to the ballroom open with her free hand. Rhen’s throat constricted at the sight in front of her.

Bodies decorated the marble floors. Guests.

Her citizens.

And they were blackened; shriveled. As if their insides had been sucked out. Their shrunken faces of terror were visible, and Rhen’s eyes were glued to those of the nearest body to her; dull and lifeless.

Rhen brought a violently trembling hand up to cover her dropped jaw, her stomach twisting into tight knots.

She thought she would throw up, but a scream came out instead.

Talia quickly shoved her own hand closer to her mouth to muffle the sound, eyes wild as she turned Rhen away from the sight. She forced Rhen’s tearing eyes to lock onto her own.

“Don’t look. Run with me,” Talia ordered, not even waiting for a response before pulling the young queen once more. Rhen followed numbly, stubbornly keeping her wavering gaze on the back of Talia’s head.

“Why? Who..?” Rhen mumbled helplessly, the tears beginning to escape down her cheeks.

Talia quickly stopped, nearly making Rhen run into her. Rhen’s heart jumped when she noticed a force field of purple lightening appear around the way out, and that very force field was soon surrounding every visible door.

Trapping them.

Talia clutched at her shoulders, and Rhen vaguely took note of her shaking hands.

“I’ll transport you,” Talia spoke, her body being surrounded by a green glow. Rhen panicked.

“Wait! What’s going on?! You can’t just send me off!”

A huge surge of bright light came from the right, and before Rhen could identify what it was, Talia’s hands were ripped from her shoulders. An agonizing cry echoed within the room as Talia was flung to the ground after being hit, burns searing the visible skin.

“Talia!” Rhen yelled, rushing to her fallen friend and dropping to her knees. To her intense relief, Talia was still breathing, though it looked painful to do so.


That bright light.

She’d seen it before.

Her head felt extremely heavy, but she managed to pick it up and look in the direction of attack.

She could hear her heart break when she saw Dameon standing there.

Why, why, why?!

What are you doing?!” Rhen yelled hysterically, trying to keep her tears down so she could still see clearly. She felt helpless and utterly stupid to be sitting there, too confused to know what to do, what to say. Everything had just happened so quickly… her mind was having trouble grasping it all. The man she loved had just attacked her best friend! The best friend who was trying to get her to safety! Her people were lying dead on the ground next to her!

There had to be a reason. God, let there be a good reason!

Let it be some terrible nightmare!

‘I’ll go to the ball! I’ll enjoy it, I swear! Just let me wake up!’ Rhen thought, but to no avail. Dameon stood emotionless, eyes staring straight through her.

And God, it hurt.

She found it hard to breath when Dameon began glowing again, eyes trained on spot next to her. Rhen looked down at Talia, who was now slowly trying to sit up.

If she was hit by that again…!

Rhen scrambled to get in front of Talia right before the second attack was launched. She put her hands out in front of her, creating a shield. She grit her teeth together tightly as the immensely strong power hit.

“Druids,” Talia wheezed from behind her, catching Rhen’s attention, “They’re being controlled by something.”

“Controlled?!” Rhen exclaimed, just as the attack finished with a final burst of power. Rhen let out a short scream as she was thrown back into Talia, who grasped the girl’s arms.

Tears streamed out of Rhen’s eyes as pain assaulted her senses. Her hands felt like they were boiling.

“I feel Ahriman’s power,” Talia whispered, making Rhen jump.


He was dead! Gone!

She had defeated him with her own two hands!

“That’s not even possible!” Rhen screamed, turning her wet face around to look at Talia. The girl smiled sadly, and Rhen’s eyes widened when she noticed the green glow surrounding her. “Don’t se…!”

Her words were cut off as Talia’s image grew blurry. There was a whirlwind of colors, a rush of wind, and she suddenly found herself staring at a forest.

The air was heavy with humidity, something she hadn’t felt in years. The bright sun was obscured by the canopy, and sounds of wildlife bombarded her ears.

A purple spider stood a few yards away, inspecting the new creature with curious eyes.

The Eastern Isle.

The minute she registered where she was, the fear, betrayal, confusion, and agony came back full-force. She doubled over, allowing her body to slump against the cool ground as her tears rolled down blades of grass. They were tears of silence; she didn’t even have to energy to sob.

Eventually, her fatigue got the best of her, and she fell asleep, praying that when she woke up again, this really would all be a dream.


Something hard was pushing against her arm, succeeding in shaking her form.

Rhen pried her heavy eyelids open, and settled her gaze on the clouds above as she was slowly brought back to reality.

The hard thing that had been pushing against her was now gone, but so was her drowsiness.

Her eyes snapped open and she sat up as quick as a rocket, looking around desperately.

The trees, the grass, the dirt, the heavy air… she was still on the Eastern Isle.

Then… it wasn’t a dream.

“Oi! Are you a run-away slave or something?!”

Rhen whipped her head to the left, body tense. A man stood a few feet away with one eyebrow raised in question, and a slight snarl pulling at the corner of his lips.

The voice was too real… she could feel the grass beneath her fingertips.

Tears sprang to her eyes, uninvited.

The man standing next to her looked extremely surprised by the sudden show of tears.

“Er… hey, wait a minute! Rhen?”

Rhen blinked, a tear escaping before she looked back up at the man in wonder. Firm build, shaggy dark brown hair, amber eyes…

“Hector?” Rhen whispered hoarsely, frowning at her own voice. Her throat was extremely parched.

“What the hell are you doing out here? They kick you out of your own country?” Hector jibed with a smirk. Rhen swallowed harshly as the words nearly stung her physically. A sob escaped her, making her throat hurt worse.

The smirk fell from Hector’s face, and he had the decency to look at a loss as he glanced around at nothing in particular, frowning.

‘My country,’ Rhen thought bitterly, ‘I wonder what’s become of my country… God, I left Talia there alone! And Dameon… Dameon…’

“Look!” Hector suddenly exclaimed, angered by the fact he felt so uncomfortable at the moment, “Whatever it is, get over it! It’s not like crying about it’s going to help anything.”

Though the words were harsh, they clung to Rhen. Warning bells went off in her mind.

‘He’s right… he’s completely right! If the Druids are being controlled… everyone’s in danger! I can’t let others end up like… them…’

Determined, Rhen quickly wiped her tears away and stood, not even bothering to brush off her dress before stalking toward Veldarah. Hector was caught off-guard at the attitude change, and dumbly watched her walk away before shaking his head and running after her.

“Hey wait!” Hector exclaimed, waiting until he was walking next to her before continuing, “Where are you going?”

Rhen spared him a glance.

“I have to talk to the Empress,” Rhen spoke.

Yes, the Empress. She had the power to warn other countries, which was exactly what they needed to do, before it was too late. But when would it be too late? How long had she even been sleeping there?

“You’re going to see the Empress like that?!” Hector asked, repulsed as he gestured toward her worn, dirty apparel and muddled hair. Rhen looked down at herself before tossing a glare his way.

“That’s not important right now,” Rhen replied as they walked through the front gates of Veldarah. Hector snorted.

“Mind telling me what’s so important, then?”

“Why the hell would I tell you anything? We weren’t exactly best buds,” Rhen snapped sarcastically.

“Humph. Still a bitch.”

“A bitch who now outranks you.”

Hector flushed.

“At least I was never a slave!”

“Now you’re making excuses.”

The bickering pair walked onto the castle grounds, growing quieter after the guards sent irritated looks their way. The guards were also shooting quizzical looks at her appearance, of which Rhen chose to ignore.

“You’re actually going to follow me inside?!” Rhen exclaimed as she approached the front door. Hector crossed his arms, and gave her a look that clearly read, ‘duh.’

“You won’t tell me what’s going on, so I’ll just find out myself!”

“Like you care,” Rhen muttered bitterly, before swinging open the castle doors. Seeing the marble floors beneath her feet quickly brought back horrid memories, and she tried her best to shut them out. She began walking faster on instinct.

“Empress!” Rhen called, making herself known as her feet carried her closer to the throne. The Empress had apparently been talking to someone standing in front of her, who swiftly moved out of the way and turned around.

Rhen was mildly surprised to see Lars, whose eyes widened.

“Rhen..?” Lars asked in surprise.

But now was not the time to catch up with old friends. Her eyes locked on the Empress.

“Thais has been taken over. You have to warn all the nations!” Rhen exclaimed, inwardly relieved to pull the statement off without her voice breaking.

The Empress’s expression grew grave at the news.

“How has Thais been taken over?” She inquired, gesturing to nearby guards to come closer to her. A weight settled in Rhen’s stomach, causing it to churn uncomfortably.

“I don’t… they’re being controlled… the Druids… Dam..,” Rhen stopped, not being able to say her husband’s name. She held up her hand, examining it for the first time since she had protected Talia. The burn wasn’t terrible, at least the skin was still intact. But… her wedding ring, she noticed, had been damaged.

The urge to cry again was coming on strong, and she willed it back with all her might, not wanting to make a fool of herself in front of everyone. She wouldn’t let herself become weak… not when they needed her.

Rhen gasped when a hand took her own, and she was surprised to see Lars standing right in front of her. Had she zoned out…?

“How injured are you?” Lars asked, examining the burns on her hand with furrowed eyebrows. Rhen hastily pulled her hands back.

“I’m fine! It’s Thais and it’s surrounded regions you have to worry about!”

Lars’s eyes narrowed, dismissing the statement and grabbing hold of her hands again. A cool sensation flowed through her fingertips, and Rhen realized Lars was using his healing ability.

“I’ll send warning immediately,” the Empress spoke, grabbing Rhen’s attention once again, “I can see you’re shaken. Rest for now, but I will want answers later.”

Rhen nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She doubted she would be able to get any rest, but maybe she could collect herself.

“Heh, rest where? Out in the forest again?” Hector asked sarcastically. Lars looked up, as if noticing his friend’s presence for the first time.

“In the forest?” Lars inquired. Rhen sighed.

“Don’t ask. I’ll just get a room at the Inn, it’s no problem,” Rhen assured, pulling her hands away once the cold energy stopped. She breathed a sigh of relief, thankful she wouldn’t have to be mindful of taking hold of things.

Lars rolled his eyes.

“You’ll come to Shadwood,” Lars said before turning back to the empress, “We’ll continue our discussion at a later time. I’m taking her to the academy.”

As the Empress nodded, Rhen’s cheeks puffed up in anger.

“An order right off the bat, huh?” Rhen asked, irritated. Lars looked surprised for a mere moment, like he hadn’t even noticed he gave an order, before smiling.

“You were expecting something different?” Lars teased, grasping her shoulder to turn her toward the exit. Rhen scowled, stepping out of his hold and walking toward the exit. Lars sighed, staring at her back worriedly. Hector fell in step beside him, raising a brow.

“The Druids being controlled? Is that even possible? I thought they were all-powerful or something,” Hector inquired.

“Which means whoever is behind this is extremely powerful. This is bad,” Lars stated, his mind trying to come up with a source of such great power, but since Ahriman’s defeat, he couldn’t think of one powerful enough to accomplish such a feat.

“I found her sleeping in the forest. You may want to ask her about it,” Hector replied, to which Lars gave a short nod.

“Go hunting or something.”

Hector was caught off-guard by the out-of-context statement.


“She won’t talk to me if you’re there,” Lars explained at if it were the most logical thing in the world, “It’s what you were going to do when you found her anyway, right?”

Hector scowled.

“Oh sure, shove your best friend aside when the girl comes alo- OW!”

Hector rubbed his sore head as Lars continued to walk as if nothing happened. In front of them, Rhen turned in question, merely smirking at the sight of Hector in pain. Hector scoffed, veering off on another path at the next opportunity to do so.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what’d he do this time?” Rhen asked over her shoulder once Hector was out of earshot.

“Nosy one, aren’t you?” Lars asked with a smirk.

“It was just a question!”

The two made their way into Shadwood. Rhen looked around, feeling warm as the familiarity sunk in. She had truly gone far in life, hadn’t she?

‘And it may be over soon.’

The thought sent chills up her spine.

“Follow me,” Lars instructed, making his way toward the students’ rooms. A few people waved to Lars on their way, some even bowed, and Rhen looked on with interest. He was apparently well-respected in the place now.

“Did you become a professor here?” Rhen asked, watching as he turned his ear toward her, “You’re getting a lot of greetings.”

“I’m a professor, but I think the whole greeting thing is more about me being one of the people who defeated Ahriman,” Lars replied, opening the door in front of him, “I’m just glad no one’s really recognized you yet.”

At the mention of Ahriman, Rhen started.

“I feel Ahriman’s power,” Talia whispered.

‘He’s come back before… could it be possible…?’ Rhen thought, dreading the answer. In front of her, Lars opened the door to an unoccupied room, and stepped aside to clear the path.

“You can rest in here. And get cleaned up; you’re a mess,” Lars said, earning a glare from his companion.

“Thanks,” Rhen spoke dryly, walking into the room. The minute her eyes fell on the bed, relief flowed through her veins. She immediately plopped herself down on it, one arm dangling off the side as she sighed.

“Rhen,” Lars spoke, mildly irritating the girl who just wanted to sleep at the moment, “Can you tell me what happened?”

Rhen’s grip tightened on the sheets beneath her.

She hadn’t heard him close the door, so that meant he was waiting to see if he was going to go or stay depending on her answer.

Did she want to talk about it…?

“I’ll… tell you tomorrow,” Rhen replied, her voice muffled by the pillows. There was a silence for a brief moment, and Rhen nearly thought Lars would ask again, but that thought was diminished by the sound of footsteps.

Upon the soft click of the door, Rhen knew she was alone.

Her heart beat sped up, a voice screaming in her head telling her she didn’t want to be alone, especially at a time like this.

‘Lars is right out there, and so are a lot of people!’ Rhen berated herself in her mind, eyes fluttering shut. Even though she knew such a thing was futile, she couldn’t help but once again wish all of it would disappear by the next time she awoke.


Lars woke up to the bright sunlight peeking through his window and the birds’ sweet morning singing.

He had no time to sit and enjoy it, though, as he flung himself back down on the mattress with an irritated sigh. He hardly got any sleep last night, his mind too preoccupied with thinking of the current situation.

Rubbing his drooping eyes, he got out of bed. Though he was tired, the urge to talk with Rhen was stronger. He found himself extremely anxious to hear about what happened, in detail. When she had brushed him off yesterday, he had almost wanted to refuse to leave until he got answers, but he couldn’t bring himself to do such a thing when he remembered her anguished face in the palace throne room.

And why was she here, of all places?

If Thais had been taken over, she was undoubtedly a target. He couldn’t think of any reason why a place like this would be a good hideout, especially because she had lived here before. And as far as getting someone to warn the nations, there were many more influential and powerful people than the Empress.

With these thoughts knocking at the back of his brain, he made his way into the Shadwood dining hall. It was crowded and loud, as it was every morning, and Lars’s eyes searched through the lines and seats for the familiar lavender hair, but to no avail.

Was she not up yet?

His eyes did catch sight of the Headmaster, however, and lingered.

Maybe he would know something!

Lars weaved in and out of the crowd until he was able to take a seat by the said person, whom looked up in greeting.

“Good morning, Lars.”

“Morning, sir,” Lars replied, giving a quick bow out of respect, “I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind?”

The Headmaster set his fork down and turned his full attention to his subordinate.

“Rhe… Miss Pen… er, Miss…,” Lars frowned when he couldn’t even recall Dameon’s last name, “Rhen is here.”

He figured it’d be all right to refer to her with her first name around the Headmaster. He’d know exactly who he was talking about.

Sure enough, the Headmaster’s eyes widened.

“She is? Whatever for?” He asked curiously.

“That’s the problem. I don’t know many details, but Thais has been taken over. Rhen said the Druids were being controlled.”

The Headmaster’s face grew considerably paler.

“What has been done about it?!”

“The Empress has just sent word of warning to the nations, but other than that…”

“The Oracle,” the Headmaster interrupted suddenly, “I believe she would be the one to talk to.”

Lars had nearly forgotten about that old hag.


The two men looked up as Hector took a seat across from them, placing a full tray of food on the table.

Lars noticed the apprehensive look on the Headmaster’s face.

“Don’t worry, he knows,” Lars assured.

“Talking about Thais, I’m guessing?” Hector asked, buttering a roll, “The queen has officially locked herself up in her room!”

Lars looked alarmed at the news.

“Didn’t you try to get her out?”

“I told her I’d make sure nothing was left to eat if she didn’t hurry. I think she threw something at the door.”

Lars smirked before standing and turning to the Headmaster.

“I’ll let her know of your suggestion,” Lars said, leaving Hector to inquire what that suggestion was.

Lars let out a long sigh as he walked down the hallway. It had actually scared him when Hector mentioned she’d locked herself in her room… what if she had planned on hurting herself?

But the worry disappeared as soon as Hector said she threw something at the door.

After all, that was normal. So she was ok.

He wriggled the doorknob to find it still locked.

“Rhen,” Lars announced, tapping on the door, “open the door already.”

He heard some shuffling from inside and a definite click, before the door slid open.

Irritated blue-violet eyes met his own.

“He is more annoying than you ever were,” Rhen drawled.

Lars snorted.

“Should I take that as a compliment or not?” Lars asked, shutting the door behind him. He noticed the girl must have taken a shower, and she was now dressed in a sword swinger uniform.

“I don’t know,” Rhen sighed, sitting on the bed and looking up at Lars sullenly, “You’re going to make me talk now, aren’t you?”

Lars raised a brow.

“I’m not going to make you do anything, but I’d like to know,” Lars responded.

“Great! Then I won’t say anything!”


Rhen chuckled before her gaze fell to the floor. After a moment of silence, Lars was a little irked.

“Fine. I’ll talk to you, then,” Lars spoke, getting Rhen to look up in surprise, “The Headmaster suggested you go talk with the Oracle.”

A dark cloud settled over Rhen’s eyes.

“And what if she’s being controlled as well? What if they planned for us to go to her?!”

The thought hadn’t crossed Lars’s mind, and he had to admit, it was a frightening possibility, but…

“What other choice do we have?” Lars inquired.

Rhen bit on her lower lip, and Lars could practically see the gears in her head frantically turning for another way out.

They were unsuccessful.

“But I’d need food and weapons and transportation… I couldn’t possibly ask for all of that!”

“You’re a former student here, you defeated Ahriman, and you’re the Queen of Thais. I highly doubt the Headmaster will refuse those things to you.”

The word ‘Ahriman’ made Rhen wince, and she was glad Lars didn’t seem to make the connection.

“But…” Rhen tried, but ended up sighing in defeat at Lars’s pointed stare.

“Then it’s settled. We’ll leave for the Northern Aisle tomorrow morning.”

Rhen’s head shot up in surprise.


“Of course ‘we.’ Like I could let a screw-up like you go alone,” Lars reprimanded, hiding his smirk by turning around and walking toward the door. He heard a strange noise of frustration come from the girl behind him.

“You are such a jerk!”

The closeness of her voice told Lars she was following him.

“I thought we established that a long time ago,” Lars replied calmly.

The irritated groan turned into a small laugh.

“Thanks, Lars,” Rhen spoke in all honesty. Why Talia had transported her here of all places, she didn’t know, but she was exceedingly glad she had.

The Headmaster wasn’t hard to locate, being at the same spot he was before, Hector included. When the Headmaster spotted Rhen, he stood up and offered a warm smile and open arms.

“Rhen, my dear, it’s been a long time,” he spoke, encircling her. Rhen smiled and hugged him back.

“This place hasn’t changed a bit,” Rhen remarked, trying to see through the unsettlement in his eyes. She didn’t want pity.

“So, are you gonna go see the Oracle?” Hector asked, the plate in front of him now completely cleared, “And what’d you throw at me this morning anyway?”

“The clothing chest,” Rhen responded immediately, causing Hector to bust out laughing, “You wouldn’t be laughing if the door hadn’t been there.”


The new voice came from the left. A girl with hot pink hair done up in two buns stood gaping at the young queen.

“It is you, isn’t it?! Oh wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing you again!” She gushed.


“The Queen of Thais?”

“Oh my God, where?!”

“Well shit,” Lars muttered, glaring at their quickly surrounding crowd. Rhen stood, flustered by all the newfound attention, and tried to paste a smile on her lips.

“Ok, settle down everyone!” The Headmaster exclaimed, making the room grow considerably quieter, “I’m sorry to say Miss Maurva does not have the time. If you’ll excuse us.”

‘That was Dameon’s last name!’ Lars thought.

There were groans of disappointment as the crowd cleared a path to the front doors. Rhen threw a thankful smile to the Headmaster, and followed him out the door, sending a few apologetic looks to those around her.

“Now we can speak without any interruptions,” the Headmaster explained once outside.

“Jeez, I don’t see how you’re that big of a deal!” Hector exclaimed.

“Why the heck did you even follow us?!” Rhen retorted.

“Anyway,” Lars cut in, stepping between the two, “We’ve decided to go see the Oracle and we ask for the essentials and a boat.”

We? You’re going with her?” Hector asked, rolling his eyes.

“A boat?” The Headmaster inquired, furrowing his eyebrows, “A boat would take too long. A dragon is what you’ll need.”

“But we’ll be wasting time sailing a boat down to the Southern Aisle to get one!” Rhen protested.

“There are a breed of dragons that live on this aisle now,” the Headmaster replied.

“Around the forest, right?” Lars asked, not believing the idea had not come to his head, “If we leave now, we’ll be able to get there before sundown.”

“But what about a rider?” Rhen asked. To her disgruntlement, Hector grinned widely at the question.

“Hector has ridden dragons before,” Lars informed her, warily eyeing Hector. The guy was his friend, sure, but to let him go on a journey such as this…

“No. Way,” Rhen gritted vehemently, pointing a finger at Hector, “He is not coming with us!”

“Hmph! Then I guess you’ll just be little turtles then!” Hector replied, crossing his arms. Rhen looked positively torn and downright annoyed.

“Isn’t there another dragon rider in Veldarah?” Rhen pleaded to the Headmaster. But he merely shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but no, not that I know of.”

Rhen groaned and chanced a look at Hector again, who was definitely enjoying himself. Oh, how she wanted to punch that smirk right off his face!

“He’s not that bad,” Lars tried to console, “If you remember, you were completely against me joining you at first as well.”

“I wonder why,” Rhen muttered dryly, and Lars frowned, actually a bit offended by the comment, “Fine! He’ll come, whatever! Let’s just go.”

Hector practically cackled, much to Rhen’s displeasure. Lars rolled his eyes at Hector’s antics, knowing he was purposefully trying to rub it in.

“I’ll get your supplies ready in a jiffy, then,” the Headmaster explained, heading back inside the academy.

“Thank you,” Rhen said before facing the other two, “I’m going to go around back so I can get my last few seconds of peace before we have to go.”

The jibe was clearly aiming toward Hector, and he continued to smirk.

“It won’t take very long,” Lars informed. Rhen nodded and turned on her heel. After she was out of earshot, Lars turned to Hector with a frown. “You do know what you just got yourself into, don’t you?”

“Yeah, some awesome entertainment!” Hector exclaimed, quickly getting hit in the head afterward, “Ow! What the hell?!”

“This is serious, Hector!” Lars yelled, pleased to see Hector shrink back, “Something that can control the Druids?! Do you know how much power we’ll be up against?!”

Hector muttered under his breath, pulling his crossed arms tighter.

“I know, ok? Jeez, can’t a guy have a little fun?” Hector asked, looking in the direction Rhen had disappeared, “And anyway, it gets her mind off everything for a while, doesn’t it?”

Lars was surprised at the confession. So there was an ulterior motive to all the bickering, huh?

It sounded a lot like what he did.

“Why are you staring at me like I just had a baby?!” Hector exclaimed.

“I’m wondering about your intentions.”

“… Intentions. You know you sound like a father cornering a boy about to go on a date with his daughter, right?”

“Hmph. All I’m saying is you hardly know her, other than when she was a slave. So I’m wondering why you’re being nice.”

“As if I didn’t hear enough about her from you! You’re my friend; I know you care about her, so I’m not going to push her off a cliff. Sound fair?”

Lars looked a little embarrassed at the first half of that little speech, and huffed, making his way passed Hector and toward the school. Hector rolled his eyes, and turned to follow.


OK! =falls= I finally got this first chapter done, woot! So… how was it? I’m trying incredibly hard on this one ^^;

And I should really be working on my homework right now, so uh… thanks for reading! =zooms off=

A few extra notes: If you don't remember Hector, he was one of the people standing with Lars at the beginning of the game when you're still Lars's slave.

The horses names mean 'Midnight' and 'Daylight.'

Posted on: 2008/9/1 19:47
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #2
Offline   kaze_mizuki
gold   152 Gold
Level : 7
EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 164
MP : 25 / 3039
So hilarious and cute!
Rhen and Lars forever!!!

Posted on: 2008/9/2 1:01
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Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #3
Offline   chloeclone
gold   101 Gold
Level : 6
EXP : 41
HP : 0 / 135
MP : 19 / 2510
at some point i thought it was good idea 2 show her this stuff. what is wrong with me?

Posted on: 2008/9/2 3:05

dogs aren't the only ones who do it.

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #4
Offline   Basset
  Dragon Lords
gold   463 Gold
Level : 19
EXP : 95
HP : 0 / 473
MP : 154 / 9551
Poor Rhen... She's got a lot on her hands, doesn't she? Sorry I didn't read this earlier... My schedule's insane at the moment.
I think you did very well, but that's a given. I understand the homework thing... I should be doing homework now myself.

Posted on: 2008/9/2 16:49

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #5
Offline   KikoAyumi
gold   557 Gold
Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9125
@kaze_mizuki: o_o Wowzers, thanks for such an enthusiastic response! ^_^

@chloeclone: Not sure what you mean.. do you mean people betraying/dying on Rhen? Or something else entirely? XD

@Basset: I am right with you on the 'insane schedule' part X3

Posted on: 2008/9/3 7:26
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #6
Offline   kaze_mizuki
gold   152 Gold
Level : 7
EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 164
MP : 25 / 3039
You're welcome, as for chloeclone's comment, she was referring to me!
I got into Rhen x Lars and is somewhat hyper...
So she's like this right now...====> -_-'

Posted on: 2008/9/3 21:44
Please click on my hatchlings/eggs/dragons for them to grow! PLEASE!

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #7
Offline   KikoAyumi
gold   557 Gold
Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9125
@kaze_mizuki: Ah, I see XD Thanks for clearing that up

Posted on: 2008/9/3 22:26
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #8
Offline   gabriela
gold   352 Gold
Level : 17
EXP : 44
HP : 0 / 411
MP : 116 / 8273
ooh...another story from KikoAyumi! Such a treat! I like how you turned Hector into comic relief! What a trio; Rhen, Lars and Hector! Where did Ylitta go, I wonder?

I really love your story! Well, i loved all your stories anyway...

Posted on: 2008/9/4 9:58
Blindly rejecting what is mainstream is just as stupid as blindly following what is mainstream.

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #9
Offline   phoenixalia
gold   4776 Gold
Level : 51
EXP : 34
HP : 503 / 1258
MP : 1642 / 25295
cool story KikoAyumi!Rhen and Lars forever!

Posted on: 2008/9/4 10:36
Shoujo Maniac

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #10
Offline   KikoAyumi
gold   557 Gold
Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9125
@gabriela: Ylitta will make an appearance XD

@phoenixalia: Agreed X3

Posted on: 2008/9/4 11:11
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #11
Offline   chloeclone
gold   101 Gold
Level : 6
EXP : 41
HP : 0 / 135
MP : 19 / 2510
i'm not like that! i'm like this '-_-

Posted on: 2008/9/4 21:42

dogs aren't the only ones who do it.

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #12
Offline   kaze_mizuki
gold   152 Gold
Level : 7
EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 164
MP : 25 / 3039
You're welcome!
Not rushing you, but when is the next update?


Posted on: 2008/9/4 21:45
Please click on my hatchlings/eggs/dragons for them to grow! PLEASE!

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #13
Offline   chloeclone
gold   101 Gold
Level : 6
EXP : 41
HP : 0 / 135
MP : 19 / 2510
@twitch: i'm not a mirror lady! i'm a lady mirror?

@kikoayumi: i forgot 2 mention, my favorite part is when hector asks lars why he's looking at him as he if he just had a baby

Posted on: 2008/9/4 22:52

dogs aren't the only ones who do it.

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #14
Offline   kaze_mizuki
gold   152 Gold
Level : 7
EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 164
MP : 25 / 3039
fine! You're both a mirror lady and a lady mirror!!!
and that's my 2nd favorite part! My first is when Lars was worrying that Rhen might hurt herself!

Posted on: 2008/9/4 23:05
Please click on my hatchlings/eggs/dragons for them to grow! PLEASE!

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #15
Offline   DarkPrincess
gold   113 Gold
Level : 10
EXP : 12
HP : 0 / 228
MP : 41 / 4233
That was great start to a story KikoAyumi!!Update soon!!

Posted on: 2008/9/5 6:58

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #16
Offline   eanLUViya
gold   80 Gold
Level : 8
EXP : 94
HP : 0 / 198
MP : 33 / 3730
wow that story was really great... update soon! ^^

Posted on: 2008/9/5 7:22
plsss click my egg...


Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #17
Offline   KikoAyumi
gold   557 Gold
Level : 20
EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 481
MP : 160 / 9125
@chloeclone & kaze_mizuki: I'm glad you two enjoyed both of those parts! That means that both my serious side (Lars worrying Rhen would hurt herself) and my humor side (Hector asking why Lars was looking at him like he'd just had a baby) are being enjoyed by the readers! ^_^ Thanks again~

@DarkPrincess & eanLUViya: Thank you~!

As far as updating goes, as it is said at the top, I don't have much time to sit and write anymore. But know that I'm trying! I'm actually outlining this story out before I write it, and the outline is already to chapter 4 because I write on it during school when the teacher's not looking XD! But in order to write the real thing, I feel more 'together' at home in front of my computer with music going, so..

Bear with me

Posted on: 2008/9/5 7:31
Aveyond iPod Project

Durarara!! is love <3

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #18
Offline   phoenixalia
gold   4776 Gold
Level : 51
EXP : 34
HP : 503 / 1258
MP : 1642 / 25295
Sure!Take your time!

Posted on: 2008/9/5 13:25
Shoujo Maniac

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #19
Offline   kaze_mizuki
gold   152 Gold
Level : 7
EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 164
MP : 25 / 3039
Yes, like I said, not rushing you.

Posted on: 2008/9/5 19:13
Please click on my hatchlings/eggs/dragons for them to grow! PLEASE!

Re: Rush - RxL/RxD #20
Offline   PokeGal
  Dragon Lords
gold   2265 Gold
Level : 37
EXP : 79
HP : 183 / 919
MP : 706 / 18509
It's a great story! It's long for the first chapter, I have to switch between my parents' houses, and I always seem to read it right before I have to leave! It took my 3 days to finally find some time to sit and read the full thing!

Posted on: 2008/9/5 20:38

Some dreams are better left alone...

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