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Website http://dunno
ICQ dunno wat this
AIM dunno wat this
YIM dunno wat this
MSNM dunno wat this

My Stats

11 Gold
Title Aveyond
Member Since 2010/12/14
Last Login 2011/11/1 16:43

About Me

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I finished Aveyond Rhen's Quest like 5 times!!!! Its amazing!!! ( I finished it 5 times coz I repeated it from Dark Cavrens ;P looooool ) It was so so so awesome I fought Ahriman in Rhen Lars Elini and that vampress Tie'jel or some...

My Cottage

My CottageAveyond
(2010/12/19 12:35:54)

My Forum Entries

My Forum EntriesAveyond Rhen's Quest Club
(2011/4/21 10:14:12)
My Forum EntriesAveyond Rhen's Quest
(2011/1/25 7:44:26)
My Forum EntriesAveyond Rhen's Quest Coolest Weapon Poll
(2011/1/25 7:35:07)
My Forum EntriesRe: Aveyond Rhen's Quest Poll
(2011/1/25 7:24:20)
My Forum EntriesRe: LOVE THE GAME
(2010/12/27 12:51:24)
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ljspence > 08/20 09:28:57[ljspence] yay Edolie is released
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